Thursday 19 September 2019

Possible esports titles to be played in MSSA's 2020 events.

MSSA President, Amanda Pakade, with 2018 SA National Tekken 7 Champion, Charlize Seremak (HTS Sasolburg).
It is always a hot topic when esports titles are being discussed and agreed upon at Mind Sports South Africa's Annual General Meeting.

Even though MSSA has always given ample notice of the rules on how the esports titles are selected, there are always one or two member club delegates who state that they were unaware of the process.

So what is the process?

The process for selecting esports titles for provincial and national championships is that any club may nominate additional titles as long as such titles shall have been played at any two Regional Events at which there were at least three teams per event. MSSA will only ever select at most 10 esports titles per annum per type of championship.

Bearing in mind the above criteria, as well as the schedule of esports  titles played in MSSA's 2019 events (below), it will immediately become apparent that currently MSSA only has 7 titles selected for Student provincial and national championships, and only has 9 titles selected for High School provincial and national championships.

Thus an additional three (3) titles may be selected for 
Student provincial and national championships, and another one (1) title may be selected for High School provincial and national championships.

Any member club wishing to nominate its favourite esports title for consideration must therefore make the nomination of such title by 1 November 2019 (so that the nomination can be included on the agenda) and ensure that such title has been played at least two (2) Regional Championships.

The titles that were played in 2019, and will automatically be nominated are:  

Premier Provincial and National ChampionshipsStudent provincial and
national championships.
High School provincial and
national championships.
Game titlesGame titlesGame titles
Clash RoyalCall of Duty Black Ops 4Clash Royal
Counter-Strike: GOCounter-Strike: GOCounter-Strike: GO
DotA 2DotA 2DotA 2
HearthStoneLeague of Legends (LoL)Hearthstone
League of Legends (LoL)PaladinsLeague of Legends (LoL)
PaladinsTEKKEN 7Paladins
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)
Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V

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