Wednesday 22 May 2024

National Team - Open Qualifiers


With National Team Trials (NTT) to be played on 25 May 2024  from 9H00 to 10H00, to select the teams to officially represent South Africa in the African Regional Championships and, hopefully, qualify for IESF's 16th World Esports Championships, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) reminds all esports athletes to fully acquaint themselves with the rules on

The following titles shall be played at the 2023 National team Trials to be held on 25 March 2023:

  • Counter-Strike: GO (open and female)
  • Dota 2
  • eFootball
  • Mobile Legends, Bang, Bang (open and female)
  • PUBG Mobile
The Documents required are as follows:
  • Copy of South African Passport.
  • Signed Senior or Junior Contract (Please note a parent or guardian will need to sign if the player is under 18 years of age).
  • Copy of an Unabridged Birth Certificate for players under the age of 18
While National Team Trials shall begin at 10H00 and end at 19H00, Registered Players shall be online at 9H00. MSSA officials will be on duty all day to assist with any queries you might have.

The full list of esports players who have qualified for the open section of the prestigious National Team Trials are:

Counter Strike 2:
Joshua ChapmanZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Sebastian Montoya-PelaezZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Michael de VilliersZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Josh OrelowitzZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Thomas VenablesZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Aric MaharajZAG AcademyWestern Cape
Joshua RobertsZAG AcademyWestern Cape
Shannon CorranZAG AcademyGauteng online
Robert ButlerZAG AcademyGauteng online
Aidan VosterZAG AcademyGauteng online
Tristan FullerZAG AcademyGauteng online
Adam SchultzZAG AcademyGauteng online
Tyrone Tristan DallasTuks EsportsGauteng Online
Divan ReynekeTuks EsportsGauteng Online
Willem Bestbier BrinkTuks EsportsGauteng Online
Petrus Francois le RouxTuks EsportsGauteng Online
Muhammad Arslan PastaTuks EsportsGauteng Online
Johann GreylingTuks EsportsGauteng Online
Muhammad Arslan PastaTuks EsportsOnline Provincial
Simon ZandstraZAG AcademyOnline Provincial
Ayush SinghZAG AcademyOnline Provincial
Samir SinghZAG AcademyOnline Provincial
Suhail Khan (Capt.)ZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Tameer ChicktayWhite Rabbit Gaming2023 Protea Team
Mark Kilian LehleZAG Academy2023 Protea Team
Christian Christoffel UysWhite Rabbit Gaming2023 Protea Team
Lennard KoekemoerWhite Rabbit Gaming2023 Protea Team
Travis John WatersZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Mohammad DhoomaZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Nicholas DammertZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Matthew RaubachZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Callum FosterZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Berend van StadenZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Joshua HendersonZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
eFootball - Open
Mogammad Rido HendricksPES Society2023 Protea Team
Keletso MuwenaKnights Mind Sports ClubSA Nationals
Aslam ParkerPES SocietyWestern Cape
Aidin BooysenHoër Volkskool Potchefstroom14th Online Prov.
Mikara NokrajDawnview High SchoolProtea Team
Keletso MuwenaKnights Mind Sports ClubSA Nationals
Rafeeq CarriemPES SocietyGauteng Provincial
Riezwan HakimPES SocietyOnline Provincial
Onyekachukwu OkekeDawnview High SchoolOnline Provincial
Mobile Legends: Bang, Bang - Open
Leone Loftus (Captain)Masters of Mind Sports2023 Protea Team
Joost LoftusMasters of Mind Sports2023 Protea Team
Leonard LoftusMasters of Mind Sports2023 Protea Team
Adriaan du PlessisMasters of Mind Sports2023 Protea Team
Dewald GreylingMasters of Mind Sports2023 Protea Team
Ridah HendricksPES SocietyWestern Cape
Keagan MohamedPES SocietyWestern Cape
Jason WolhuterPES SocietyWestern Cape
Ameen JacobsPES SocietyWestern Cape
Kashief MatthewsPES SocietyWestern Cape
Riezwan HakimPES SocietyWestern Cape
Matthew TataliasMavericks14th Online Prov.
Damian BransbyMavericks14th Online Prov.
Preshan PillayMavericks14th Online Prov.
Mohammad Azhar AnsariMavericks14th Online Prov.
Taygan GabrielMavericks14th Online Prov.
Luke GreenMavericks14th Online Prov.
Shaden Dre ShabalalaMavericksGauteng Prov.
Jenny Pejana (captain)Dawnview HighOnline Provincial
Thabiso SeabelaDawnview HighOnline Provincial
Onyekachukwu OkekeDawnview HighOnline Provincial
Relebogile NkadimengDawnview HighOnline Provincial
Gerald KhumaloDawnview HighOnline Provincial
PUBG Mobile - Open
Sulaimaan MusthanTeam efx2023 Protea Team
Jared Ryan RublyTeam efx2023 Protea Team
Jarrod PretoriusTeam efx2023 Protea Team
Richard HenryTeam efx2023 Protea Team
Muhammad Shaahid MuhammadTeam efx2023 Protea Team
Richard HenryZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
La-eeq ArendseZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Kyle DudleyZAG Academy14th Online Prov.
Clayton LeakZAG Academy14th Online Prov.

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