Thursday 9 May 2024

Results of friendly against Belarus.


Je'neille Cavanagh demonstrated her leadership skills against Belarus as captain of the Western Cape Provincial Mobile Legends Bang Bang Esports Team.

To further develop esports skills in South Africa, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) arranged a friendly game between the newly selected Belarusian female Mobile Legends Bang Bang Esports Team and its own Western Cape Provincial Mobile Legends Bang Bang Esports Team. 

Friendly games between different nations' teams play a significant role in promoting cultural exchange, sportsmanship, skill development, and international relations. These matches serve as more than just sporting events; they are opportunities for countries to come together, celebrate diversity, and showcase the positive values of sports on a global stage.

Colin Webster, MSSA President stated, "Playing against teams from different nations exposes players to different styles of play, tactics, and strategies. This diversity challenges players to adapt and improve their skills, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of the game. Friendly matches provide valuable opportunities for players to test themselves against international competition and grow as athletes".

Colin Webster went on to state, "Friendly games often serve as preparation for major international tournaments, such as IESF's 16th World Esports Championships. These matches allow teams to fine-tune their strategies, experiment with lineups, and build cohesion before facing the rigors of competitive play on the global stage".

Je'nielle Cavanagh, Team captain, stated, "The Belarusian team is a very good team and showed a high standard of game knowledge and playing skill. My Western Cape female team all did their very best, and all learned valuable lessons during the friendly".  

The Western Cape team members are:

Team members
Je'nielle Cavanagh (captain)
Inez Pringle
Salma Parker
Ra'isha Prout
Fatimah Prout

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