Saturday 8 October 2016

HearthStone: Quarter finals

The match tree for the quarter finals
With the group stages for HearthStone being completed, Egypt, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, China, Korea, and Azerbaijan have earned their spots in the Quarter Finals. The Quarter Final matches and Semi Finals begin at 10:00 local time on 8th Oct 2016.

Unfortunately, South Africa's Francois Mouton, although having beaten Sweden's William Sjoeblom, was unable to proceed out of the group stages.

Nevertheless, Francois  gave it his all and truly represented South Africa.
For detailed information on the group stage, please visit IeSF's website ( It is on such website where the live stream of the stage matches and the results may be found.

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  1. Well done to Francois, he did us proud. And well done to the other teams as well. We'll get 'em next time!