Monday 17 October 2016

Meet MSSA's stars: Jessie 'JoobJoob' Joubert

Captain of the Protea eSports CounterStrike: GO team: Jessie 'JoobJoob' Joubert
There is no doubt that IeSF's World Championships prove to be one of  the greatest tests of character.

The  level of competition at the world's greatest esport championships for national teams ensures that every player is tested to the extreme.

Captains of teams are known to buckle, and only the strongest survive with  many falling along the way.

Jessie Joubert has now proven his calibre.

Although Jessie is the youngest team captain of a South African CounterStrike: GO team, and still a learner at Rondebosch Boys High, Jessie proved his mettle by continually marshalling and rallying his players in the face of some of the world's finest teams.

His 'never-say-die' attitude allowed the team to continually launch assault after assault on the much more experienced opposing teams.

South Africa faced off against Romania, Azerbaijan, Russia, and China.

In any other sport those opponents would be seen as lethal, and in esports, such opponents are absolutely deadly.

Yet Jessie rose to the challenge and proved  himself to be a worthy captain, a worthy Protea team member, and most  of all, a worthy South African.

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