Wednesday 5 October 2016

No easy groups - CounterStrike: GO

The draw for CS: GO at IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta
Jessie Joubert, captain of Mind Sports South Africa's Protea CS: GO Team, confidently strode towards the stage, thrust in his hand and pulled out the ball when doing the draw to see in which group the South African team would be placed
Jessie Joubert doing the draw
South Africa found itself in Group D along with giants such as Romania, Russia and China.
Nevertheless the South African team is upbeat, and, if the truth be told, there are no easy groups. 
Every group has its giants...
The South African team headed off straight to bed after the draw in order to get a good nights sleep in preparation of a day that will test the very character of each and every team member. 
The whole group preliminary round will be played as a full-league. All group preliminary matches will be finished on October 7th.

The main matches of the group preliminary round will be broadcasted in English through IeSF channel on Twitch TV(, official website of IeSF( and in Chinese through HuoMao TV( Also it will be broadcasted in Indonesian at Ligagame eSports TV( The following is the schedules of broadcasting schedule for the 6th of October, and the schedule is based on Indonesia Standard Time(GMT+7).

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