Friday 28 October 2016

Mixed results in Parktown and Jeppe clash.

Parktown Boys' League  of Legends team with representatives from RIOT Games
Recently two of the two oldest schools  in Johannesburg squared up to each other in official MSSA Schools Ladder matches for both League of  Legends and CounterStrike.

Jeppe Boys' League of  Legends team is without a doubt, not only the youngest team, but is also the newest team on the 'block'.

The League of Legends team from Jeppe played its heart out, as only a team from Jeppe can showing good grace and good sportsmanship. However the team from Parktown Boys was just far to strong and dominated the game from start to finish.

Throughout the game the team from Parktown displayed all the best attributes and won fairly and cordially, once again holding their school's name in high repute.

Thus Parktown boys remains in 10th place and Jeppe in 12th place in the League of Legends Schools Ladder.

However, in the  DotA 2 match between the schools, Jeppe showed just how good they could be.

Again it was a pleasure to see both of these schools competing against each other. The standard off play is much improved from the beginning of the year and both schools have a fine culture of sportsmanship inculcated into them.

Nevertheless, Parktown buckled under the pressure and Jeppe romped home to a well deserved victory.

Thus in the DotA 2 schools ladder, Jeppe has crept into 8th place, and Parktown has slipped into 9th place.


  1. Hey I would just like to ask If Park town Boys plays CSGO for esports because I currently play that and I am going there next year so I would just like to know

    1. Parktown Boys indeed has a CounterStrike: GO team. I am sure that they will welcome you.

      Please see: