Thursday 24 December 2020

Wishing all a Merry Festive Season.

For many people, COVID-19 dashed their dreams as lockdown, financial hardship, and genneral uncertainty robbed them of their hopes and dreams.

Even though Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) also bore the brunt of the pandemic, MSSA's Board rallied round to continue to deliver to its members and Registered Players.

Thus in 2020, MSSA still held all its provincial esports championships, albeit as online events, and will still able to select national squads.

Even though there is no guarantee that the pandemic will ease in 2021, MSSA has applied its collective minds in order to have a strategy so that it can even better deliver to its member clubs and Registered Players.

Thus, MSSA wishes all associated to MSSA a truly Blessed Festive Season where all can rest securely and prepare themselves for an action packed 2021.

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