Sunday 11 December 2016

Blair Hamberger elected to MSSA's MANCOM

Blair Hamberger.
Little did Blair Hamberger realise when she entered the City Of Johannesburg Regional Championships in 2015, that in 2016 she would be elected onto MSSA's Management Board.

At such CoJ Regional Championship, Blair earned her Regional Colours, and then at the 2016 SA National Championships earned her National Federation Colours for CounterStrike: GO.

Blair too is an outspoken critic of what  she sees as an  injustice. Thus she was quick to be nominated for the position of Women's Desk.

At the Annual General Meeting held on 4 December 2016 she pipped the other nominees at the post to win the election.

Blair will have  to fill large shoes as the previous person who held this position, Morizane Boyes, went on to be elected as MSSA President at the same Annual General Meeting.

Previous incumbents of such position were:

Year Women's Desk Club
2017 Blair Hamberger Knights Mind Sports Club
2016 Morizane Boyes HTS Witbank
2015 Morizane Boyes HTS Witbank
2014 Morizane Boyes HTS Witbank
2013 vacant
2012 vacant
2011 vacant
2010 vacant
2009 vacant
2008 Ledile Tshwane University of Johannesburg
2007 Ledile Tshwane University of Johannesburg
2006 Ledile Tshwane University of Johannesburg
2005 Ruth Davey Maritzburg Christian School

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