Saturday 31 December 2016

Upward and onward!

Jessie Joubert  - Vice President in charge of Umpiring.
It was largely through the efforts, determination and perseverance of Jessie Joubert that Rondebosch Boys High entered MSSA's official schools' league and 2015 Western Cape Provincial Championships.

While playing for White Rabbit Gaming, Jessie won MSSA's 2015 SA National Championships. Jessie then moved to Anteria Gaming - for which  he  played during the Online Provincial Championships and National Team Trials,

Not surprisingly, Jessie's qualities shone through and Jessie quickly earned the following:   

Jessie Joubert and Simon Zandstra
at Cape Town TV
  • Western Cape Provincial Colours in 2015 and 2016, and
  • National Federation Colours in 2015 and 2016, and
  • Protea Colours in 2016.
While at IeSF's 8th World Championships (Jakarta), Jessie was introduced to the 'big picture'  and Jessie immediately resolved to do more for esports and for the gamer.

Andrew Reeves, Jessie, and  Jade Thomas
Without hesitation, Jessie stood for the position of Vice-President in the hope of being elected onto MSSA's Management Board.

To show his sincerity of 'doing more'. Jessie too served as an umpire at MSSA's 2016 SA Schools Championships, and then again as umpire at MSSA's 2016 SA National Championships.

Jessie's infectious enthusiasm proved enough to get elected on to MSSA's Management Board where Jessie  hopes to make a  real difference to deliver more to the gamer. 

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