Friday 2 December 2016

Advantages of affiliation: Coverage

Screen shot of IeSF's web page.
In September 2016 I wrote an article about the advantages of affiliating to MSSA.

However, it should be noted that  without MSSA being a member of IeSF, such advantages would mean little.

IeSF, through its international network, has the ability to amplify the advantages to a level that few can fully comprehend, and those that  do, are making full use of such.

One such advantage is in the field of coverage.

While it is known that MSSA already receives the most coverage for eSports in South Africa, as MSSA had well over 300 items published in 2016 - not including TV and radio, it is still hard to rival the level of publicity obtained by IeSF.

The press release made by MSSA of the selection of its 2016 National Protea eSports Team obtained a whopping 20,236 hits.

MSSA received over 50,000 hits on this blog alone.

It is estimated that the TV and radio coverage reached over 2 million.

Coverage indeed!

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