Tuesday 13 December 2016

Individual Battle Honours: Are you up to the challenge?

Jason van Wyngaard considering his options at the 2012 IWF World Championships.
MSSA has finally changed the Super League back to the very successful Individual Battle Honours.

The holder of the Individual Battle Honours may be challenged at any time by any MSSA Registered Player, as long as the notice period is adhered to, and is fought using the Handicap system.

The Handicap System is a proven developmental system which makes it possible for newcomers to have a fighting chance, pun intended, against the older and more experienced players.

Players enter with a handicap of 3, where older and more  experienced players may have a handicap of 10.
All Handicap games are played on a 32 - 0 scoring system.

However where a player with a handicap of 3 takes on a player with a Handicap score of 10, the player with a Handicap score of 3 gets 14 points, out of a possible 32, off his/her opponent before the game even starts.

Currently, the current holder has a Handicap score of 10. Everybody thus gets an advantage - it is going to be so much fun!

Thus the competition is up for grabs.
Pos Name of Player Club Points
1 Webster, Colin 91 OE 10
2 Schoeman, Garth 02 KMSC 7
3 Barry, Sean 09 RPS 6
4 Batzofin, Jason SJC 5
5 Holliday, Carl 09 PBHS 4
6 Allwright, Terence OE 3
7 Retief, Elishia 14 OE 3
9 Burger, Erasmus TUKS 3
10 Mullany, Donald OE 3
11 Bouwer, Abie OE 3
12 Havenga, Duane WAR 3
13 Beuken, Leopold RPS 3
14 Hervey, Simon PBHS 3
15 Louw, Adam PBHS 3
16 Retief, Ewan 14 OE 3
17 Getzner, Jacques TKMSC 3
19 van Vuuren, Marius WAR 3
21 Bouwer, Nathan OE 3
22 Groenewald, Zenadia WAR 3
23 Retief, Michael OE 3
24 Love, Dorian OE 3
25 Schoeman, Alex KMSC 3

I would encourage gamers to make use of this opportunity, win the trophy and then play as hard as possible to retain it.

Previous holders of the Individual Honours Trophy are:
2016 Colin Webster OE
2015 Garth Schoeman KMSC
2014 Colin Webster OE
2013 Colin Webster OE
2012 Colin Webster OE
2011 Dr David Vannucci WITS
2010 Colin Webster OE
2009 Colin Webster OE
2008 Colin Webster OE
2007 Edward van Trotsenburg BWC
2006 Ingo Haferung OE
2005 Ingo Haferung OE
2004 Matthew Strachan (Jul) MG
Eugene Burger OE
2003 Eugene Burger (Dec) PEN
Angelo Stathoussis (Dec) OE
Richard Ligault (May – Dec) PEN
Prof. David Davidson (Jan – April) MG
2002 Prof. David Davidson PEN
2001 Kevin Hoyle OE
2000 David Webster OE
1999 David Webster OE
1998 David Webster (June – Dec) OE
Richard Gordon PWC
Christo Steenkamp (Jan-May) WHAM
1997 Christo Steenkamp (Aug-Dec) OE
Pavel Rabiner (May '97 - Aug '97)  OE
Pavel Rabiner PWC
1996 Pavel Rabiner PWC
Christo Steenkamp (Jan – May) OE
1995 Pavel Rabiner (Aug – Dec) OE
Colin Webster (Aug 95) OE
Dorian Botsis (Aug 95 - Aug 95) OE
Christo Steenkamp (Aug) PWC
Ben Fouche (Jan – Aug) PWC
1994 Ben Fouche PWC
1993 Ben Fouche (June – Dec) PWC
Colin Webster (Jan – May) OE
Grant Casey OE
1992 Colin Webster (March – Dec) OE
Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
1991 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
1990 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
1989 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE

Please direct queries to: Sean Barry, 072 710 1286, nizzybarry@gmail.com

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