Monday 19 December 2016

IeSF co-opts Vinzenz Koegler to Board.

Vinzenz Koegler.
With Eddie Lim having had to resign from the Board, due to work issues, a vacancy opened up on IeSF’s Board. 

Immediately the existing Board started to examine the many valid possibilities for a replacement.

The problem was that there were so many good upstanding candidates from which to choose. As the deliberations raged on, one person stood out as the popular choice.

That man was the 30 year old Vinzenz Koegler!

Vinzenz has an impressive involvement in esports.

Vinzenz has been involved in esports ever since he laid his hands on a Commodore 64. His involvement did not stop at playing, but went on to try and make a better world for gamers. Thus in 2011 Vinzenz joined the Swiss E-Sports Federation, and shortly thereafter was elected as president of such body in 2012.

It was not surprising that Vinzenz was re-elected to the position of president of the Swiss E-Sports Federation in October 2016. His dedication, commitment and attention to detail made him an obvious choice.

Having earned a 
Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and Master's in Biomedical Engineering, Vinzenz applies such knowledge of both his formal qualifications to the passion that he has for esports.

One of the main focusses that Vinzenz has is to ensure that players, teams and event organizers have close relations in order to grow the sport. Such focus ties in perfectly with IeSF’s policy of “Protect the Player”.

There is no doubt that Vinzenz will be a veritable asset to IeSF and will help drive IeSF forward to meet its goals.

Welcome aboard Vinze

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