Friday 23 December 2016

The bonds that bind.

MSSA like IeSF is a non profit association run by its members for its members.

Since 2008, IeSF has grown exponentially and the standard and size of its annual world championships has grown in stature and reputation from year-to-year.

MSSA has participated in IeSF's world championships since the first one held  in Taebaek in South Korea in 2009.

Since the 2009 World Championships, MSSA has been at each and every IeSF world championships.

However, MSSA's affiliation is much more than just attending the annual world championships.

It has everything to do with a common ideal, a common vision, and the desire to provide for esports gamers in a way that no other organisation can, or is prepared to do.

MSSA does not equate its gamers to mere rands and cents. If it did, MSSA would not run the many events that  it does in order to further promote the gamer. To MSSA, as to IeSF, the gamer is paramount.

The bond between IeSF and MSSA is exactly the same as between MSSA and its own member clubs.

As such an opinion expressed at club level may find itself being expressed at IeSF's Annual General Meeting. Likewise, the opportunities exist for  hardworking and dedicated individuals to represent their club, the national federation, and even IeSF itself.

MSSA's 2016 elections are proof of such. Eight people who had only before represented their clubs, were elected onto the Management Board. When you consider that there are 15 positions, you will realise that a  great deal of new energy will be infused into the committee to  make MSSA a better organisation.

Through MSSA's affiliation with IeSF, gamers are given the ability to advance to even greater heights.

The courses offered by IeSF's Academy for coaching and refereeing saw Thomas Brown sent off to China to complete such course, and  then saw Thomas Brown umpire at WCA's event in Beijing.

Then in July, Jason Batzofin was elected onto IeSF's fledgling Athletes' Commission. IeSF is the only body to have such a body where the gamers can  express their views to the highest authority in esports.

None of the above opportunities are offered by any other organisation in esports in the world!

MSSA's affiliation to IeSF thus offers gamers an upward ladder that you will find nowhere else.

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