Sunday 18 December 2016

More questions about MSSA answered.

A gamer having fun at the 2016 SA National Championships.
What is the difference between the MSSA and any other governing body that runs sport in South Africa?
All sport in South Africa is run according to the Sport and Recreation Act of 1998 (as amended). According to the Act, the bodies that are recognised by the government and by the Department are the sole authority for the sports under their control.
All sports are run according to their own Constitutions which are decided upon by their members.
Thus it is the very people who have the biggest interest in the sport who have the say in what happens. 
It is the members that decide what happens, it is the members that elect the officials and it is the members that provide the vision for years to come.
Also, because of the legal nature of the federations, no one owns a federation. Thus federations are free of the ownership issues that haunt the privately owned companies.
Is there politics involved when affiliating with MSSA?
All of life is of a political nature! As soon as you negotiate the purchase of a bus ticket you have entered into the political life of the country. Thus it is true that there is politics inherent in the system. 
However, the politics is there for the betterment of the game and its players. 
Because of the politics, members can negotiate from time-to-time the introduction of new titles, the attendance of the team at different events and so forth and so on. 
Without politics, you would have an not have a truly democratic system, and would more than likely have self-appointed officials who would act as despots who would order things to happen without the option of negotiation.
Thus the nature of the politics in the MSSA is getting agreements between the interested parties. The only people who are dissatisfied with how the meetings are run are those who want everything done their way and those who cannot see the other person;s point of view. All decisions are made through voting, and it is the majority opinion that holds sway!