Monday 1 September 2014

SASCOC is trying to strong-arm a National Federation

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee has once again attempted to use strong arm tactics to bully a National Federation into toeing its line. Despite a number of recent legal setbacks, SASCOC has decided to continue to flirt with the law, this time by using the constitution of Mind Sport South Africa, a totally different legal entity, to suspend the MSSA Secretary General, Mr Colin Webster. The fact that MSSA has not taken any action against Webster has not prevented SASCOC from attempting to suspend him using the MSSA constitution.

SASCOC did not even bother to contact the MSSA's president, Mr. Simphiwe Maphumulo, and advise him of their actions.

Webster has been a vocal critic of SASCOC’s actions in recent years. However the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa guarantees the right to freedom of expression. Despite that constitutional right, SASCOC seeks to discipline Webster for exercising it.

Most recently, in his capacity as Secretary General of MSSA, Webster has been the author of correspondence to SASCOC in which they challenged SASCOC’s right to suspend MSSA without being given a hearing or any compliance with the principles of natural justice. MSSA is awaiting SASCOC’s response to queries raised in terms of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act. Again, the Constitution guarantees a right to administrative justice. Instead of answering the issues MSSA has raised, SASCOC instead has tried to unlawfully suspend their Secretary-General.

This latest action can only be seen as more high handed action on the part of SASCOC which is relentless in silencing all possible dissent.

The current action by SASCOC  shows exactly what SASCOC is trying to do. SASCOC is trying to take over every aspect of South African sporting body so that they can have entire control every sporting code.

It will be opposed.

Issued by:

Simphiwe Maphumulo
Mind Sports South Africa    

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