Saturday, 3 August 2013


Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), has decided to go large this year.

Already the MSSA is the only body that has sent teams to international competitions since 2005.

Not even DGL, which is a subsidiary of TELKOM, has bothered to send a single team anywhere. Obviously their profits are more important than developing gaming.

The MSSA, on the other hand is sending a player to DreamHack (Bucharest) for StarCraft, as well as a 12 person team to the IeSF.

When you consider the financial commitment to sending 13 people overseas, all you can say is: well done!

GG MSSA, gg!


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  2. There is a difference to developing talent and sending it overseas.

    Your other blogs make clear that you sir are biased.
    I can say with 99% certainty that every gamer involved in DGL for longer than 1 year has in fact become BETTER. I.E DEVELOPED.
    The continuous league has offered a platform for strength v strength in 3-5 different divisions with opportunity to promote to the higher levels.

    Does your precious mssa do this ? "NO?"

    If you only measure an organizations ability by whether or not they send players overseas, you sir would be a fool.
    This shows me that you know nothing of gaming and for that matter development.

    You should not continue this line of posting as you are not affiliated with mssa in any way "As stated by you in prev blog"

    DGL is promoting,developing and enhancing gaming in South Africa.
    mssa holds 1 competition and assigns colors based on that.

    How many registered gamers do mssa have?
    Then again... you need a solid league... don't you ?!

  3. Thank you for your enthusiastic response, but you seem to get so much wrong....

    The MSSA is not my organisation as you claim - I am still going to write about them.

    The MSSA does quite a lot of development. As far as I am aware it runs school championships, Regional Championships, Provincial Championships and National Championships. You may also remember that they brought NightEnd into SA in March.

    I think that is more than one competition - don't you.

    I know that they hold many more competitions before they award colours. players have to qualify for trials, they then play trials -maybe you should check up that yourself!

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    1. Silly...

      The event was sponsored by Megarom, and Internet Solutions.

      The event was accredited and held under the auspices of the MSSA.

      And that is per all the official press releases.