Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Careful what you read!

There are all sorts out there professing to promote eSports.

There is no doubt that the MSSA has a vested interest in promoting eSports for the sake of eSports.

While we all know that there are a few gamers who do not like the MSSA, it is not because the MSSA is not promoting eSports, but rather because they are doing things differently and have brought structure to the sport.

When you look at the reputable blogs run by MWEB, MyGaming, and TELKOM, and others, you will also see that they do much to promote the concept of eSports.

Yes, they will point out weaknesses when they should, but on the whole they are positive about the future about eSports.

After all, these companies too have a vested interest in the growth of eSports as the growth of eSports will ultimately benefit them financially. These companies have looked at the 'big picture' and have taken a long-term view.

But there are others that continually attack and tear down.

For what motive?

I was lead to believe that it is because they do not want to see any structure existing for eSports, and I still believe this to a certain extent.

But, I believe now more-and-more that it is purely for the ratings.

There is no real interest in seeing eSports grow, after all, what has such blogger done to actually promote eSports, instead, all such blogger wishes to do is get readers.

Thus, it seems to such blogger, irrelevant the damage that he does as long as he earns a few Rands. This is a short term view which in the end will lead nowhere, and those that follow will become disenchanted and bitter when they eventually realise that they have lost out on opportunities from which they could have benefited.

As my grandmother told me, it is easier to break down rather than to build.

What you read is up to you, just read it with an open mind!

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