Tuesday 2 February 2016

2016: Presidential elections for IeSF

Mr. Byunghun Jun - President of the IeSF
While the world is fixated with the FIFA presidential elections, only those who truly know  what is going on in eSports will really know that eSports too has its presidential elections this year.

Every member federation,  as well as the Management Board is able to make nominations,

However, this is not a position that many people  want as it is a position that requires hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Readers just have to look at the current President, Mr. Byunghun Jun.

Mr. Jun is one  of the busiest men around, yet has been able to keep a firm hand  on the rudder and sailed the IeSF through some  particularly troublesome waters.

Under Mr. Jun, the policy became entrenched  of having a 'roving World Championships'. That means that  any  member federation is  able to apply to host the world championships.

This of course  does have its ups-and-downs, but through careful administration, and a watchful eye, the policy  can work very well.
Whomever, is nominated to stand against the formidable Mr. Jun will indeed have his/her work cut out.

Representatives  of the various National  Federations at the  2015 AGM.

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