Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"A bunch of losers"

The South African Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula has branded the national football team as "a bunch of losers" following their first round exit in the CAF African Nations Championship. (source – http://sport.iafrica.com/soccer/894439.html).

To me this seems to be a little petulant, and in my opinion the Minister only has himself to blame.

For years the Ministry has poured monies into football – even at times when South Africa can least afford it. As a result SA hosted the 2010 World Cup, the African Cup of Nations, and now the CAF African Nations Championship.

To host these events, SA has often had to improve national infrastructure such as roads and TV.

What has that got us? The upgrading of the roads for 2010 is what brought about e-tolling! Great!

Thus billions have been spent on football with very little return.

Instead of pumping just a fraction of the money spent on football, it could have been put into upgrading the internet which would have had far greater long-term benefits as well as creating greater coverage than ever received by football.

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