Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Racism in SA gaming

In a recent article on “Lazygamer” titled “Racism continues in the local DOTA 2 scene” (, the real issues of South African gaming are becoming more and more evident.

When going to LANs and watching games streamed online, it is apparent that very few PC gamers in South Africa represent the majority of the population.

It is a country that had its first free-and-fair elections in 1994. SA has a total population of 51 million where less than 5 million inhabitants are of European descent. (

Also, it is rumoured that less than 10% of all South Africans actually have access to a computer.

So when you look at it, very few South Africans even have the ability to play online computer games.

Yet, when I wrote an article on transformation in eSports, I get insulted by a number of so-called gamers.

Then there is this article on “Lazygamer”. It is really disgusting that such a small minority can still have such entrenched racist ideas against the majority of South Africans.

While the article suggests that the gamers in question should be named and shamed, the article does not say who should do it.

Also, can we actually rely on people to actually do this? After all, these people are playing already, so are not all of the people who play with them also complicit?

To rid ourselves of the problem, there has to be a total transformation of gaming in South Africa, and for some, it seems that it should be forced...

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