Tuesday 11 January 2022

Working together.


With Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) having included, on 14 November 2021, Activision's esports title Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) into its official line up for Provincial and National Championships, the community has taken official competition to heart.

The community has banded together in a show of great camaraderie to run a competition open to all affiliated clubs to allow teams earn a ranking on the official CODM Battle Royale Ladder rankings.

The games start at 20H30.

There are 3 back to back rounds in squads setting.

The rankings will be published after every week.


  • No Tanks
  • No Balistic Weapons
  • No Emojis
  • No Cars ( any Moving Object with Wheels)

Placing Point System:

1 st - 10 points
2 nd - 9 points
3 rd - 8 points
4 th - 7 points
5 th - 6 points
6 th - 5 points
7 th - 4 points
8 th - 3 points
9 th - 2 points
10 th - 1 point

point_up_tone1 These are placement points

Kill Point System:

2 points Per Kill
Each kill will give the team 2 points per kill

If any players are found breaking the rules set or using banned items, the points accumulated for the round will be forfeit and the team will not receive those points.

There are 3 lobbies starting from 20:30 every Wednesday each month is a season so one season runs over 4 weeks

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