Wednesday 22 June 2022

New Championship Esports Qualifying Series to Launch In The United States

The national sanctioning organization for esports is revealing its development plans for a first-of-its-kind national championship series at an upcoming esports industry conference where municipalities and their venue assets will have access to a multi-year national framework benefiting host cities by attracting hundreds of esports athletes and thousands of fans from across the nation.

United States Esports Federation [USEF] is the National Governing Body [NGB] charged with fosteringcompetitive gamers who identify as digital athletes. Part of the organization’s role is to sanction tournaments to ensure international competition standards at met. The formalization of a U.S. National Esports Team [USNEST] now requires a nationwide qualifying process.

To accomplish a fair and standardized qualification process for national team selection, a championship series of events will be held to discover the best of the country’s digital culture. Future gold medals and celebrity- style endorsement deals are expected.

USEFs recently elected President, David Geddes, will present the series framework at the Esports Travel Summit to explain the process and also convene a special meeting for interested host destinations, their venues, and media. Register here for the June 21-23 event at Daytona Beach, Florida.

“The Esports Travel Summit was designed to bring together stakeholders in the esports industry to help support the growth of in-person esports events,” said Jason Gewirtz, Vice President of the Sports Division for the Northstar Meetings Group, organizers of the Esports Travel Summit. Mr. Gewirtz describes their partnership with USEF as "the perfect example of the kinds of connections we are looking to foster with our event, since their approach to uniting stakeholders and growing a national team is the best of what we see in the future of esports events. We’re excited to offer attendees in Daytona the chance to meet them and hear more about their vision for the future.”

Mr. Geddes is optimistic about their new strategy saying, “We are very excited by the post-covid wave of interest to host in-person competitions, the esports industry is unifying just like other NGBs, such as USA Soccer or USA Climbing.” He went on to add, “I am so delighted when I think about how our nation's esports competitors will face off to qualify for the national team – celebrity esports athletes will be made during our championship series of events.”

USNEST is already planning to send an elite team to qualify at the IESF Panam Cup in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then on to the IESF World Championships in Bali, Indonesia 2022. Lance Mudd, who oversees the team's development exclaimed, "I have never been more excited to head to the IESF World Championships with our team, but before that, we're stopping off in beautiful, Buenos Aires!"

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