Friday, 24 March 2017

Excitement runs high for MSSA's 2017 North West Championships.

Gamers in training.
The teams are entered and the players are doing last-minute preparations.

MSSA's 2017 North West Provincial Championships is part of the process of selecting the 2017 Protea teams that will attend the various World Championships.

All gamers are reminded that MSSA's 2017 North West Provincial Championships are an open championship. In other words any registered player is entitled to enter the championship – no matter where they live, or their category of membership. 

You may contact MSSA at

Details are as follows:
  • Board gaming: 
  • eSports:
  • Wargaming:
The winners of MSSA's 2016 North West Championships were:

TitleName of player/teamClubColours awarded
CounterStrike: GOQUNATMCurro KlerksdorpNorth West Provincial
DotA 2PR0NHSNorthCliff HighGauteng Provincial
FIFA '15Kgosi TshosaCurro KlerksdorpNorth West Provincial
League of LegendsWRGWhite Rabbit GamingGauteng Provincial
Morabaraba (female)Lucille BrownAllAll Stars
MorabarabaGerard van BiljonCurro Klerksdorp
Mortal Kombat X (female)Tania BrownAll Stars
Mortal Kombat XKyle Chan SomeNorthCliff HighGauteng Provincial
PRO EVOLUTION SOCCERWetsho MorobaneCurro Klerksdorp

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Swiss e-Sports Federation: New Board Members

SeSF president: Mr Vinzenz Kögler 
On Saturday, March 18 2017, the Ordinary General Meeting of the Swiss e-Sports Federation has elected the following person into the Board:
-          Vinzenz Kögler, President, (as before)
-          Boris Mayencourt, Vice-President, (before: treasurer)
-          Cédric Schlosser, Treasurer, (new treasurer)
-          Yann Beaud, Board Member, (new board member)
-          Pascal Burri, Board Member, (new board member)

All positions on all organs of the SeSF were scheduled for re-elections during the 2017 General Assembly. 
In the weeks before the assembly, the Board has received several applications from members to run as candidates for position in the federation.
Of the current board, only Vinzenz Kögler and Boris Mayencourt decided to re-apply for a position on the board. Rafael Kink, Stephan Mäder and Tom Riat expressed their wish to no longer continue in their active position on the Board. Thus, making space for at least three fresh faces.
Vinzenz Kögler was successfully re-elected as President. 
Boris Mayencourt, who acted as Treasurer in the past term of office, was newly elected to the position of Vice-President. 
Cédric Schlosser from mYinsanity as Treasurer, 
Yann Beaud from PolyLAN and Pascal Burri from SILENTGAMING complete the new Board of the SeSF.
With the newly elected members of the Board, some of the largest and most influential organisations in Swiss e-Sports accept more responsibility. Considering their vast experience, the extensive personal networks and their energy, this new Board appears very promising in regards of the SeSF’s challenging aspirations.
The Revision Board and the Control Commission changed in a similar fashion. Continuing with some of the current members as well as new joiners. Nicolas Pidancet from the cantonal e-Sports Federation of Geneva and the Geneva Gaming Convention, and Cyril Dettwiler will remain in the Revision Board and will newly be reinforced by Nicolas Giller from the QWERTZ Café in Lausanne. 
The Control Commission will continue with Nguyen-Phuong Le aka. “Drez” and Marco Wettstein, who have both been already involved in this organ in the past months. Nicolas Pidancet will be representing the Revision Board on the Control Commission, Lukas Jakob from ArcticGaming and former SeSF Board member Tom Riat complete the commission. 
The weeks to come will be characterized mostly by hand-over and on-boarding of the new faces, SeSF is confident that new progress will soon be visible.

In wargames, the only limitation is your own imagination.

Colin Webster (left) in action at IWF's 13th World Championships - Athens.
Figure Gaming is a form of wargaming which incorporates miniature figures, representative terrain, probability, and the negation of luck as the main components. The use of wargaming was used as far back as far as 3 000 BC to train the princes of Ancient Egypt, was first codified as a game in the 19th century in Prussia.

Both in Prussia and Russia, the Kaiser and Tsar would preside over games played by their senior officers, and in England, the foreword of the "Conduct of the War Game" state that the Prince of Wales expected that every senior officer would "avail themselves of these rules".

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is recognised by Act of Parliament as the national controlling body for mind sports in South Africa according to the Sport and Recreation Act.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is also an affiliate of the International eSports Federation, Federation de Jeau du Mondiale, and the International Wargames Federation).

DBM 3.2 is free rule set for wargaming ancient battles from 3000 BC to 1500 AD. Typically three commands are fielded with a variety of troop types used depending on the organisational structure of the chosen nations army.

Any army within the dates specified (3000 BC to 1500 AD) can be used. Players can use armies as used by all the greats, such  as Rameses, Alexander, Ptolomy, Cleopatra, Zenobia, Boudicca, Augustus, Constantine, Nikephorius, Mohammed, Charles the Bold, and so many more.

In wargames, the only limitation is your own imagination.

Link to download the rules:

For more information, please contact:

Sean Barry   072 710 1286
Colin Webster   011 828 4994

MSSA's 2017 Online School League

Maritzburg College's 2016 DotA 2 team.
One of the biggest problems in running the Online School Championships is the different school terms.

The school terms meant that some school teams in the past had to forfeit their games as they were not able to play in the allocated weeks.

All-in-all such system was less than perfect.

Considering  that the online league delivers provincial colours and qualifies teams for National Team Trials, MSSA was aware that much had to be done to maintain the integrity of the  league.

Thus MSSA's MANCOM has approved that the league be split into two for the 2017 season. The split will be between schools on the 3 term and on the 4 term systems as follows:

3 term school league -  4 term school league - 
1st round - week ending 5 May 2017 1st round - week ending 28 July 2017
2nd round - week ending 12 May 2017 2nd round - week ending 4 August 2017
3rd round - week ending 19 May 2017 3rd round - week ending 11 August 2017
4th round - week ending 26 May 2017 4th round - week ending 18 August 2017
5th round - week ending 2 June 2017 5th round - week ending 25 August 2017

Although every effort has been taken to take every factor into account, should member clubs have any queries or suggestions, please contact the Management Board on

Structure of MSSA eSports championships.

Jeppe Boys in action.
The basic tenant that underlies all of out championships is that of growth.

Therefore the MSSA uses a modified ‘Swiss’ system for all its championships. The system is hard on the winners, making them perform to the best of their abilities, while also encouraging the weaker players/teams by allowing them to play all the rounds and improve.

The MSSA currently holds provincial championships in seven out of the nine provinces. To see the full schedule, please refer to MSSA's 2017 Calendar of Events.

The MSSA also holds a South African National championships in which all players may participate.

Due to the distances between cities in South Africa, the MSSA realises that it is not always feasible for gamers to attend LAN’s.

Thus MSSA also hosts online championships which is deemed to be the of the same status as a Provincial LAN championship.

MSSA's system of provincial and national championships form an integral part of team selection and for the award of provincial and national colours.

To be eligible for team selection, a player must finish in the top twenty percent of a provincial or national championships. Such players are then invited to National Team Trials and the Selection process is handled by our Selection Committee.

In the interests of promoting growth, the MSSA’s school championships are free to all learners that are members of affiliated clubs.

In 2009, the Department of Education handed over all control of sport at schools to the Department of Sport and Recreation and to the recognised National Federations.

Thus from 2010, the MSSA assumes all responsibility for the promotion of eSports at school level. Although only three schools initially affiliated to MSSA, the numbers have swelled significantly, so that at the end of 2016 there were over 40 schools affiliated to MSSA.

To ensure that the MSSA develops gaming at school level, MSSA offers schools the following:

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

MSSA's updated League of Legends Ladder (as at 17 March 2017)

Jeppe Boys in training.
Perfect  practice make perfect, and hard work and commitment will  always give results.

Thus it is pleasing to see Jeppe shooting up the League of Legends ladder from being ranked 27th in the senior section to 8th place.

Although Jeppe High only affiliated in 2016, the school has been a loyal and dedicated member.

MSSA's updated League of Legends Ladder is as follows:

MSSA's National League of Legends Ladder
League of Legends – SeniorLeague of Legends – Schools
PosName of PlayeryearClub
PosName of PlayeryearClub
1First team16Tuks1Fuga Dracones17Hoërskool Wonderboom
2Fuzz Logic16VexxedPhoenix2Virtual Desire Gaming17Hoërskool Wonderboom
3Fuga Dracones17Hoërskool Wonderboom3Pr0NHS17Northcliff High School
4Eternal17VXP4Team Vapor16Sasolburg
5Team Vapor16Sasolburg High5Grey High Gaming17Grey High School
6Dark17VexxedPhoenix64 Dwarfs and a Giant17Hoërskool Wonderboom
7Gryphons16Knights Mind Sports Club7Jeppe High School for Boys17Jeppe High School for Boys
8Jeppe High School for Boys17Jeppe High School for Boys8SSES LOL16St Stithians
9St Stithians17St Stithians9PRIDE16Parktown Boys
10Knights15Knights Mind Sports Club10RBHS LOL17Rondebosch Boys
11White Rabbit Gaming16WRG11Westville Boys High School17Westville Boys High School
12Curro Klerksdorp16Curro Klerksdorp12Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School
13Gen Nightwalkers17Generation X
14Silver and Friends16WOERIES
15Dota 4 Lyf16Northcliff High
16Pride17Parktown Boys
17PR0NHS17Northcliff High
19Team Elusium17Hoërskool Wonderboom
20Virtual Desire Gaming17Hoërskool Wonderboom
21CCS Shadow Hunters16Crawford Sandton
22Second team15Tuks
23Fairmont15Fairmont High School
25K1IIJOYS16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog
26Westville Boys High School17Westville Boys High School
27Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School

Previous MSSA Ladder results are:
Other updated MSSA Ladder results are:

MSSA's updated DotA 2 Ladder (as at 17 March 2017)

In competition.
MSSA's updated DotA 2 Ladder (as at 17 March 2017) remains largely unchanged.

The teams challenged successfully defended their positions against lower ranked teams.

Nevertheless, there is still a while to go before the SA National Championships in December when the SA Ladder Champions shall be crowned.

Certainly with new Dota 2 teams like Sinister5 entering the fray, it will be interesting to see where such  a team will be ranked within the ladder.

The Ladder reads as follows:

MSSA's National DotA 2 Ladder
DotA 2 – Senior
DotA 2 – Schools
PosName of PlayeryearClubPosName of PlayeryearClub
1TMSC|DropZone15TMSC1PC DOTA17Parklands College
2Sp4rt4ns17SAHETI2Maritzburg College A17MC
4Maritzburg College16Maritzburg College4WBHS17Westville Boys High School
5PotM Bottom17PotM Bottom5Oakhill [Mr Project]17OS
6WYSIWYG17JBHS6An Skeletons16Parklands
7POPOS (Parklands College)15PC7PRIDE16Parktown Boys
8TMSC 1st team15TMSC8[Eagles] MrFancy17St John's
9Some Random Slackers15KMSC9WYSIWYG17Jeppe High School for Boys
10TribalGaming16Fairmont10Grey High Gaming17Grey High School
11Fish Hoek High School15FHHS11Sacred Heart 117SACRED HEART
12Parklands16Parklands12HTS Witbank17HTS
13KWAKKIE DOTES16Tuks13PR0NHS17Northcliff High School
14We Took a Tower!16Wits14Maritzburg College B16Maritzburg College
15Broken alliance16Fairmont15SSES DOTA16St Stithians
16Psyduck15SJC16MIDAS15St Albans College
17PR0NHS17NCLF17Fairmont 3rd Team15Fairmont High School
18WBHS17Westville Boys High School18Hyde Park High School15Hyde Park High School
19Mr Project16Oakhill19Alpha15Linkside High School
20MX (Parklands College)15PC20Rondebosch15Rondebosch Boys High
21Tango15BNKR21FHHS 115Fish Hoek High School
22BBC15TMSC22LHG 215King David High School
23PBHS RED15PBHS23HTS 315HTS Witbank
24PBHS WHITE15PBHS24SJC DotA Society15St John’s College
25Kronos Spectrum15Fairmont25Fairmont 1st Team15Fairmont High School
26DUC15KMSC26Fairmont 2nd Team15Fairmont High School
27PIXELS15HTS27FHHS 215Fish Hoek High School
28Makeshift15Fairmont28Parklands College A15Parklands College
29Rondebosch15RBHS29HTS 215HTS Witbank
30Titans17VexxedPhoenix30Bravo15Linkside High School
31ITZ15BNKR31Parklands College B15Parklands College
32OAK$15OHC32SJC Outdoor Decorator16St John's
33Kappa Knights16Fairmont33Sacred Heart 217SACRED HEART
34APTWE16Tuks34HTS Blue16HTS Witbank
35Team Craig16PR0NHS35HTS Yellow16HTS Witbank
36Flaming Bunnies16Fairmont36Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School
37PORAXYSM16All Stars37
39TMSC 2nd team15TMSC39
41Raven Gaming15Fairmont41
42Empangeni High School

Previous MSSA Ladder results are:
Other updated MSSA Ladder results are: