Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Do online competitions mean anything?

LAN championships are far more efficient in terms of providing accurate results.
Over the past number of days, or for that matter, over the past number of years, esports has seen problem after problem with online competitions.

It is very difficult to ensure that the person who is playing in an online championship actually is the person who should be playing.

As a result, even overseas, there is a declining interest in online championships in favour of offline LAN championships which have taken esports to new heights.

Part of the problem must rest squarely on the process and conduct of the offline championships.

There are ways to ensure the validity and integrity of an online competition, but that involves a great deal of control and effort.

It was for that reason that MSSA jettisoned its online league, which was copied by a local telecom provider, in favour of concentrating on its LAN championships. The LAN championships, although more costly to deliver, are far more efficient in terms of providing accurate results which may be used by esports athletes to determine their true abilities./

However, MSSA has maintained certain online leagues and championships, but these are able to be controlled to a far greater extent to ensure the validity of the results.

MSSA's Online Schools League is just one such online competition which delivers results that may be trusted and used for the award of provincial colours and entry to MSSA's National Team Trials.

Without the controls in place, well, in my opinion, an online competition has very little value.

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Closing date for entries announced for MSSA's Inter-School League.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Gauteng Sport Awards 2018

Gauteng Province always goes all-out on its  'Sport Awards Gauteng'.
It is that time of the year when the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts ,Culture and Recreation, has called for nominations for their 'Sport Awards Gauteng' brand. The awards are to reward the Province’s sports stars for their efforts in keeping the passion of sport alive in the hearts of millions of South Africans through their efforts in local and international sports events. 

The main aim is to recognise and honour individuals and teams who have excelled both on and off the field on an annual basis which will culminate to the National Awards. As usual South Africa Mind Sports (MSSA) shall make nominations to further highlight its top players in the fields of Checkers, Morabaraba, Esports, etc

For the 2018 Awards, the period to be considered is between: 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. 

The following categories will be considered for the 2018 awards: 

  1. Sportsman of the Year 
  2. Sportswoman of the Year 
  3. Sport Team of the Year 
  4. Disabled Sportswoman of the Year 
  5. Disabled Sportsman of the Year
  6. Disabled Sports Team of the Year
  7. Most promising athlete of the year 
  8. School sport athlete of the year : New Category 
  9. Most promising team of the year 
  10. Community based sport and recreation programme of the year: New Category 
  11. Coach of the Year 
  12. Technical Official of Year 
  13. Administrator of the Year 
  14. Sport Fan of the year 
  15. Sport Journalist of the year • This includes print media, radio and television 
  16. Sport Programme of the year 
  17. Community Media of the year (print, radio and television) New Category
  18. Lifetime Achievement award 
  19. Sport Personality of the Year

The nomination process was opened for the period starting from 07 June 2018 to allow enough time for the nomination process and public participation, with the closing date for nomination being the 07th July 2017.

Generic nominations criteria
  • Nominee must be a Gauteng resident/citizen (including migrant)
  • Period to be considered is between 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
  • Nominees (athletes, coaches and technical officials) must be a registered member of a Gauteng sporting organization for the specified time of consideration.
  • Nominations will only be accepted on the official nomination forms
  • Nominations forms to be accompanied by extra supporting documentation (Profiles, Testimonial, Photos, etc.), for an added advantage.
  • No nominations will be accepted after the closing date (7 th July 2018 at 16h00) 

For further information, please see:



Sebolelo Motlhabi (North West University – Vaal) making her move.
North West University – Vaal student, Sebolelo Motlhabi, enjoys a comfortable lead at the top of SA’s Top Female Morabaraba Rankings unveiled by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA).
MSSA is aware of the potential of what Morabaraba can offer all females. As such MSSA has been promoting female participation right from the start. At first, there was a body of gamers that resisted MSSA’s moves, but reason has held sway in that they too see the obvious advantages of seeing greater female participation and now even hold such types of championships as if it were their idea.
The current rankings to be used at MSSA’s 15th Free State Provincial Championships take into account all the provincial championships played to date in 2018 such as the Gauteng, North West, and Mpumulanga Provincial Championships.
Such championships count towards qualifying for MSSA’s 2019 National Team Trials.

Leading Female Rankings – Morabaraba:
PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Sebolelo Motlhabi18North West University – Vaal245.8
2Saudah Bhaimia18Curro Klerksdorp157.7
3Thandi Ngoveni17THS Tom Naude125.2
4Paula Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports125.2
5Nombulelo Gavin16Fakkel School123.3
6Kaitlin Madramoothu18Curro Klerksdorp119.6
7Anne-Lee Steyn17JCS Academy108.4
8Natelene Burger17JCS Academy105.5
9Michelle Mensah17THS Tom Naude90.2
10Simoné Otto17THS Tom Naude89.8

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

Sunday, 17 June 2018


How it all fits in...

Mind Sports South Africa is a fully constituted Universitas in terms of all current South African legislation.

Thus the MSSA is an unincorporated Association not for gain.

As such the MSSA operates as any other National Federation, whether it be the South African Football Association (SAFA), the South African Rugby Board (SARB), Swimming South Africa (SSA), Cricket South Africa (CSA), etc., as sport in South Africa is conducted by unincorporated voluntary associations formed in terms of the Companies Act.

The MSSA has as its highest authority its Annual General Meeting which holds all Committees accountable for their actions.

The Executive Committee, meets a minimum of twice a year, and requires a full report from the Management Board.

The Management Board deals with the day-to-day operations of the MSSA and overseas the different Boards of Control.

Clubs are directly affiliated to the MSSA which ensures that there is greater transparency and inclusion.

North West University (Vaal) dominates South Africa's Morabaraba rankings.

Siyabonga Mogale - leading the pack.
With MSSA's 15th Free State Provincial Championships only days away, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has just released the official national ranking for the game of Morabaraba.
The current rankings to be used at MSSA's 15th Free State Provincial Championships take into account all the provincial championships played to date in 2018 such as the Gauteng, North West, and Mpumalanga Provincial Championships.

Such championships count towards qualifying for MSSA's 2019 National Team Trials.

The game of 
Morabaraba is now totally dominated by North West University (Vaal) with Siyabonga Mogale, Sebolelo Motlhabi and Joseph Matlong capturing the top three places in the rankings.

The game of 
Morabaraba remains one of the most popular recreational game in South Africa with an enormous 40% of the population playing the game on a recreational level.

There is no doubt that the game is ancient in terms of its origin, educational in purpose with a very strong mathematical base, but most of all is FUN TO PLAY.

The rankings for the Morabaraba esports title are as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Siyabonga Mogale18North West University – Vaal430.6
2Sebolelo Motlhabi18North West University – Vaal245.8
3Joseph Matlong18North West University – Vaal225
4Kamohlelo Tladi18Fakkel School of Skills218
5Jarren Smith18JCS Academy175.1
6Saudah Bhaimia18Curro Klerksdorp157.7
7Cobus van der Wath17Fakkel School of Skills136.5
8Mutehuthu Miswelem17JCS Academy131.4
9Junior Mpembe18Fakkel School of Skills129.8
10Johannes Makau16All Stars125.2
11Thandi Ngoveni17THS Tom Naude125.2
12Gideon Jannasch16Fakkel School of Skills125.2
13Mussie Cabreab17Northwood High School125.2
14Johnre Duvenhage17THS Tom Naude125.2
15Paula Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports125.2
16Bradley Duckham17Maritzburg College125.2
17Hendrich Roets17THS Tom Naude125.2
18Tshepo Matitcerane17Fakkel School of Skills125.2
19Komahelo Molaetsa17Fakkel School of Skills125.2
20Damian Pinn17THS Tom Naude125.2
21Dondo Mukhithi18Curro Klerksdorp124.6
22Nombulelo Gavin16Fakkel School123.3
23Korben Roos17HTS Witbank122.5
24Kaitlin Madramoothu18Curro Klerksdorp119.6
25Lefa Lekhula18Fakkel School of Skills115.2
26Mukhathutshelo Masle17Masters of Mind Sports114.2
27Khanyisa Sibanda18JCS Academy109.2
28Anne-Lee Steyn17JCS Academy108.4
29Natelene Burger17JCS Academy105.5
30Sam Kotsoane18Fakkel School of Skills105
31Boyi Mantso18Fakkel SOS98.7
32Neo Mokoena18Fakkel School of Skills98.3
33Bruce Burke17JCS Academy97.5
34Xavier Ferreira17JCS Academy94.1
35Mukha Masheleni16Masters of Mind Sports92.5
36Michelle Mensah17THS Tom Naude90.2
37Simoné Otto17THS Tom Naude89.8
38Khanyisa Sibanda17Fakkel School of Skills87.9
39Khuthutshelo Masheleni16Masters of Mind Sports85
40Dion Du Preez17All Stars85
41Joel van Wyk17All Stars69.4

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows: