Saturday, 10 November 2018

A day filled with promise...

MSSA's CS:GO team standing in front of the main stage on day 1.
Day one showed fierce competition and multiple upsets in the results. MSSA's CS:GO team faced off against Russia and Japan in their group. Losing to both they will not advance through to the Top 16.

In League of Legends, Group C, Israel managed to secure a win over Denmark. The South African League of Legends team will thus advance into the Top 16 out of the group stages along Israel who topped group C. With the last matches of the group phase concluded the South African League of Legends team is set to go up against Finland at 04:30(South African time.) Finland topped Group F after emerging victorious against Saudi Arabia and Namibia.

Day 2 will also see Alasdair Donaldson start his group stage journey for TEKKEN 7.
Alisadair Donaldson

Schedule for Day 2:

LOL          - South Africa vs Finland at 07:00
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Saudi Arabia 05:00
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Chinese Taipei 05:30
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Philippines 06:30

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

Friday, 9 November 2018

A hard fought victory!

The Protea League of Legends team in action vs Denmark
Game 1 saw South Africa lose against an aggressive Israeli team in the best of one group stage. The team however showed great composure as they readied themselves to face Denmark in game 2.

After adjusting to the low latency and the roaring arena at the tournament they went into their clash against Denmark with determination and great mental acumen. The match against Denmark lasted over 45 minutes and saw the lead change hands time and time again. After an aggressive power play in the final moments South Africa caught Denmark off guard and secured the victory.

The match between Denmark and Israel will determine the teams fate. If Denmark loses against Israel in game 3 the South African League of Legends team will advance into the top 16. Will Israel continue to push forward or will Denmark be able to force an upset?

Find out in the next update for day one.

Further schedule for day 1(Schedule has been delayed due to technical difficulties)

CS:GO     - Game 1 - South Africa vs Russia @ 07:00
CS:GO     - Game 2 - South Africa vs Japan @ 14:00

*All times are South African local time (GMT +2)

On day 2 Alasdair Donaldson will start his competition in TEKKEN 7 by squaring up to Saudi Arabia at 05:00.

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

Carpe diem!!!

South African League of legends team.
From left to right: Maalik Rawoot, Stephen Pretorius, Donovan De Klerk,
Kyle Taylor and Brett Whitehead
The moment has arrived. Today South Africa will be measured against the best from around the world. We will start off the day with our League of Legends team facing off against Israel at 04:00 to start their journey in the 10th IESF Group Stage. Israel is sure to put South Africa to the test in this mammoth clash in a best of one.

Our teams are prepared and the stage is set. The whole of South Africa is rooting for our League of Legends team and the rest of our athletes participating later in the day. We wish them the best of luck!

Further schedule for day 1:

LoL          - Game 2 - South Africa vs Denmark @ 05:00
CS:GO     - Game 1 - South Africa vs Russia @ 07:00
CS:GO     - Game 2 - South Africa vs Japan @ 14:00

*All times are South African local time (GMT +2)

On day 2 Alasdair Donaldson will start his competition in TEKKEN 7 by squaring up to Saudi Arabia at 05:00.

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Curro Aurora affiliates to Mind Sports South Africa.

Amanda Pakade (MSSA President) welcomes Curro Aurora into the family.
Without doubt the Curro group of schools are forward thinking and endeavour to leave their mark on all aspects of education. Curro is the market leader in the provision of quality education in South Africa. Curro's goal is to develop responsible, independent and proud individuals, who will make a positive contribution to society. 
Curro Aurora believes that their core business is to nurture tomorrow’s leaders today.
 Combining their concept of a complete educational offering (academic rigour and enrichment, sports, cultural pursuits, learner leadership initiatives, community-building projects to clubs and societies) together with a commitment to embrace relevant technologies, Curro Aurora provides every learner with a golden opportunity to excel.

Thus it is with great pleasure that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes Curro Aurora into membership.
Curro Aurora is situated in Taurus Road, Sundowner, Randburg, 2188 and and adds yet another school to the many schools in Gauteng already affiliated to MSSA.  
There are already three other Curro schools affiliated to MSSA, namely, Curro Klerksdorp, Curro Grantleigh, and Curro Durbanville.
Curro Klerksdorp in fact has already produced five members of the National Squad for the DotA 2 esports title.

There is no doubt that 
Curro Aurora will have a long and fruitful relationship with MSSA.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Partnermedia partners up with the Protea Esports Team.

Hansie du Plessis (Partnermedia) shakes hands with Amanda Pakade (Mind Sports South Africa).
There is never a shortage of companies desireous to sponsor a Protea Esports Team. After all South Africa has been represented at every IESF World championships since 2009. Thus MSSA always ensures that it has the right partnership for its Protea Esports Team.

Partnermedia has proven itself to be the perfect fit for MSSA.

Together Partnermedia and MSSA will further develop esports in South Africa on an unprecedented scale.

The vision that Partnermedia and MSSA is shared equally by both organisations, and are equally enthusiastic about the future of esports in South Africa.

Thus Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is proud to announce that 
Partnermedia is now an official part sponsor of South Africa's National Protea Esports Team that shall attend IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.

Past rankings of the South African team is as follows:

2017Busan – South Korea12th
2016Jakarta – Indonesia14th
2015Seoul – South Korea12th
2014Baku – Azerbaijan13th
2013Bucharest – Romania10th
2012Cheonan – South Korea18th
2011Andong – South Korea13th

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

South Africa has some tough matches looming.

IESF's group pairings.
International Esprots Federation did its group draws on 2 November 2018.

At previous IESF World Championships, the draw was aways done on the night before the commencement of play, but in 2018 it was changed (one of many such changes) to create a better world championships.

By doing the draw ahead of time, it has allowed many of the teams to strategise and further prepare for their upcoming matches.

However, there are no easy matches at the 'Worlds', and Mind Sports South Africa's players have their work cut out for them.

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North-West University sponsors South Africa's Protea Esports Team.

The North-West University is proud to be associated with the Esports Protea team.

Being ranked in the top 5% of universities globally by the QS-rankings and contributing the second largest number of graduates to the South African labour market annually, North-West University always strives to be associated with innovative and new initiatives and in the development of sporting codes.

The rate at which Esports has developed over the past years, and the initiatives that has been taken to formalise and develop international leagues, is something the NWU prides itself in which to be involved. As part of our involvement and in collaboration with all the partners we are looking to further develop the sport in schools across South-Africa.

Already NWU has made a substatial contribution to MSSA in hosting the 2017 and 2018 Sedibeng Regional Championships, as well as producing a three members of MSSA's national squads in various mind sports disciplines.

It should also be noted that NWU is the first university to sponsor esports in South Africa, and is the first university to sponsor a national esports team attending IESF's World Championships. Amanda Pakade, MSSA president, believes that the sponsorship thus speaks directly to NWU's innovative and progressive attitudes.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes aboard on this fascinating journey and is  confident that together, MSSA and NWU will be able to add even greater value to esports in South Africa.

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