Thursday 27 March 2014

And that's just one reason why gamers need the MSSA....

There seems to be a great deal of controversy around the (console) Call of Duty team named “RiZe” that will be playing in the MLG Championships in the USA this weekend.

It seems as though the team manipulated the rules of the MLG to ensure they would qualify by including two players from the UK. Apparently one of the two South African players then had an issue participating in the USA, and his place was taken by yet another gamer from the UK.

Of course there is outrage from the community who (justifiably – in my opinion, but maybe for other reasons) feel that this whole 'selection' of this team is just ever so wrong.

Certainly the team in no way can call itself South African.

South Africa long ago (1961) cast off its shackles of being a colony in which people of other nations could represent South Africa.

Hmm, let me think about that a minute!

Actually no-one who was not a citizen of South Africa was ever allowed to represent South Africa at the Olympics – and that goes back to the 1920's.

So why now?

Simply put, the MLG seems to be a privately owned company from the USA. Such types of companies are primarily only interested in its own profit margin.

As such, any benefit for gamers is merely an unexpected outcome it is not necessarily the intention.

This too is the worst type of representation that anyone could think of . Not only does the team not even reflect the demographics of the country in any way, but it also makes no attempt at even being South African.

It is in short a mockery!

This is why the MSSA is so important for the long term growth of gaming.

The rules, as agreed to by the membership, ensure that there is proper procedure and that there is a fair chance for all members.

A team like 'RiZe' would never be allowed by the MSSA to represent South Africa.

Think about it!

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