Saturday 29 March 2014

Free shirts!

No doubt the organisers of the MSSA's 31st Gauteng Provincial LAN (as sponsored by MWEB) are hard at work getting all the last minute 'stuff' done.

Besides checking the names of entrants, making sure there are enough medals, certificates and the like, they are no doubt making sure that they have enough shirts for those who earn provincial colours at the event.

Just as the MSSA colour codes the ribbons on the medals, the MSSA also colour codes the shirts that they give – yes, give – to those that earn them.

Unlike some who sell cheap screen-printed 'T-shirts' for R300.00 each, the MSSA gives away high quality 195gsm embroidered golf shirts to those that earn Regional, Provincial, and National colours.


The shirts are easily the same standard of the high-end rugby supporters shirts, so, if you wanted to buy it, you would expect to pay at least R400.00.

However, the shirts are not for sale!

Only those who earn colours get one, and then, as I have written above, they get it for free!

That's not bad for the paltry R80.00 annual registration fee.

So, when you look at the photograph albums on the MSSA's facebook page ( you will be able to automatically tell who has which colours just from the shirts that they are wearing.

The shirt colours are:

Regional Colours – Black and red.

Primary, High School, and Student Provincial Colours – Black and white

Senior Provincial Colours – Black and yellow

Junior National Colours – Green and white

Senior National Colours – Green and Yellow

Protea Colours – Approved shirt with Protea badge.

Not shabby at all – in fact quite impressive!

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