Wednesday 11 March 2015

About this blog

There seems to be a little controversy around this blog.

That is really quite strange as nothing that has been printed here is at all controversial nor in any way is defamatory or indulges in hate speech.

There too seems to be the belief that there is one person who submits articles to this site.

That is not true!

There are a group of individuals who write articles about gaming and put them here.

The use of this site is to allow people to have their say without fear of intimidation or victimization by individuals and/or other blogs.

This site provides a safe environment for gamers who want to express different opinions and not be 'trolled'.

The use of pseudonyms, and the importance thereof was also touched on in the article 'Gulliver's Travels'. In fact when you consider that everybody in gaming has a nick, why then is it strange if someone else uses one to.

Think about it….

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