Monday 7 April 2014

S A interschool on-line league!

A recent post on the MSSA's facebook page
( read as follows:

Over the weekend the Management Board approved (among many other things) the eSports Board of Control's plans to implement an online inter-school league.”

It is interesting to note that the MSSA already has a number of schools involved in gaming.

Pretoria Boys High School has been a member of the

MSSA for over 10 years. Other notable schools are St John's College and Roedean.

Of course, one cannot ignore Northcliff High School either which dominated at the recent Gauteng Championships.

However, before anyone asks why there has not been a school league up to now, the answer is simply, there has been.

The physical inter-school league got off to a slow start in 2011.

Although there were a number of schools interested, only a prtion of the interested schools could deliver and begin participating.
2012 saw a greater number of schools coming into the league.

Almost immediately the league started bearing fruit as young

Gabriella Isaacs from SAHETI was propelled upwards into the national Protea Team that represented South Africa at the 2012 World Championships in South Korea.

The growth experienced in 2012 was further cemented in 2013 with even more schools affiliating to the MSSA.

Such was the growth of school clubs, that at the majority of senior Provincial Championships, and at the S A National Championships, it was school teams that outnumbered the other teams.
The 2013 S A National Championships saw learners attend from all but two of South Africa's nine provinces.

Not only that, but the championships also saw the greatest amount of female participation than ever before at a S A National Championships.

But I digress!

The announcement now deals with the introduction of an on-line league.

It is hoped that the on-line league will lead to even greater interaction between schools, and will further improve the standard of gaming in South Africa.

Considering that the teams may only participate from a school venue, with the Educator-in-charge being present, it is also hoped that the average level of sportsmanship will too be improved.

The results of the league will then be distributed to the media.

2014 is going to be a good year!

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