Tuesday 26 March 2019

The Edge in Everything : Upgrading your hardware and software

So you are a gamer. You are skilled, dedicated and committed to making it big. You want to make a career out of it? What is your strategy to achieve that goal? What specifically do you need to do to get to that ultimate version of yourself?  How could you personalise strategies that other successful people have used, in your life?
I am a firm believer that we are the masters of our own destinies and that every success and failure is of our own making… but this is not an “instaspiration” post.
Who am I? My name is Emile De Bruin and I am an ex-athlete, high performance coach and student of success. I have had the privilege of coaching Olympic and World Champions, Business people, Mind athletes, Teams, Teens, Parents and more. Finding the most effective way to achieve a goal is what drives me and I am passionate about giving people the tools to succeed in ANYTHING that they do. By combining science and experience I believe that I can help anyone take their lives to the next level….
Well, by looking at a person holistically (mentally, physically, socially/emotionally and spiritually). Then finding out what is the starting point (where are you REALLY right now?) and where do you want to get to. Finally, we put an individualised actionable plan in place where we continuously analyse and adapt and learn to operate with GRIT.
Think of it this way, every few years you get a new cell phone or pc and in that time you have to continuously update the apps and software right?  YOU are no different. Obviously you can`t get a new body every few years (at least not yet) but you can upgrade it! Your body and mind have performance requirements and YOU need to ensure that you diligently UPDATE.
 Your output (in life) depends on your input.
Most people are not even aware of this. Others don`t place any value on their own personal natural resources. Then you get people that think there are short cuts.
There aren`t short cuts.
So what do successful people put into place in their lives?  Whether its sport stars, performers, CEO`S , entrepreneurs or anyone else that wins at life, there are 4 pillars that are fundamental.
There are 2 essentials :
We need to:
  • Be challenged and stimulated in order to stay motivated
  •  Be able to express ourselves and be creative
  •  Learn by changing the way we perceive life and events in our lives
  • Learn that I am in control and responsible
  • Get more insight and tips here!
Regardless of whether we are introverted or extroverted we need to understand that from an evolutionary perspective we require human interaction to live well. If we can discover in what situations we are either energised or drained by people, then we can implement strategies to boost our output.
What separates us from animals is our soul. Figuring out what nourishes your soul is fundamental to any form of success in living the mission and vision you have for your life.
Think of the the 4 aspects listed above (physical, mental, social/emotional, spiritual) as 4 legs of a chair that you are sitting on. If any one or more of the legs are neglected  for the growth or advancement of another leg the chair will be off balance right? You would agree with me that it makes sense to implement a strategy where all 4 legs are developed equally right?
This is the absolute best way to not only succeed in life but to also make your success sustainable… and enjoy the ride at the same time!
If this article made sense to YOU, I would be honoured to COACH you on the 4 pillars to help you find the best ways to take your life and what you do in life to the ultimate level.
Set up a FREE coaching session with me now via SKYPE or come see me at my office in Pretoria.

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Let the future you thank you for what you decide to do today.
Sincerely, Emile De Bruin

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