Wednesday 27 March 2019

Provincial Online Student Championships - 6 April 2019

All are encouraged to participate in MSSA's Provincial Online Student Championships to be held on 6 April 2019.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) shall be holding its Provincial Online Student Championships on 6 April 2019.

This year, any student of any South African tertiary institution (University and colleges) may participate, regardless of whether the player is MSSA affiliated or not.

However, it should be noted that only official teams entered by University Clubs affiliated to MSSA or the Sports Councils may use the tertiary institution's name.

The championship allows students from all over the country to test their mettle against each other in an official championship that has the following benefits:
  • Enable students to earn Student Provincial Colours, and
  • Qualify for selection for the National Squad, and
  • Earn medals.
The event that lasts from 10H00 until 18H00.

The titles to be played at such event are:

High School
1Counter-Strike: GO™PC5 v 5
2Call of Duty Black Ops 4™PC5 v 5
3FIFA’19™Console - PS41 v 1
4Paladins™Mobile1 v 1
5DotA 2™PC5 v 5
6League of Legends™PC5 v 5
7HearthStone™Tablet/cell3 v 3
8TEKKEN 7™Console - PS41 v 1

Details are as follows:

Eligibility: Any player/team affiliated to a South African tertiary institution may enter.
Entry fee: Entry is R34.00 per Registered Player.
Entry date: Entries need to be submitted by no later than Monday, 2 April 2019.
Registration:To register, players must complete the entry form.
Age restrictions: Age restrictions per game title shall be enforcred.

When and Where:
  • 6 April 2019
  • The first round will start at 10H00. Players shall be given 60 minutes to complete each round. 
  • Players must all be on-line at 9H00

Teams that finish in the top three places shall receive medals for the following sections:
  1. Mixed
  2. Female

    Student Provincial Colours shall be awarded based on the residence of the recipient. Thus a Registered Player that lives in Cape Town shall be awarded Student Provincial Colours for the Western Cape.

    For additional information, please contact: 

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