Tuesday 19 March 2019

National rankings for Clash Royale have been released.

Willem Broodryk (Parys High School) currently heads the national ranking for the Clash Royale esports title.
2019 has seen the first year of the esports title Clash Royale being played at MSSA's official Provincial and National Championships.Now that the esports title has been played at MSSA's Gauteng Provincial Championships, Mind Sports South Africa is able to generate rankings for its premier championships.

It was thus at MSSA's Gauteng Provincial Championships that Willem Broodryk won the championships, and in doing so, has taken the lead in South Africa's national rankings.

What with a very full schedule of events that are lined up for 2019, it will be interesting to see if Willem can keep his pre-eminent position.

The current rankings for the Clash Royale esports title is as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Willem Broodryk19Parys High School179.6
2Dale Spolander19Northcliff High School152.4
3Carlos Kori19Northcliff High School143.5
4Tyreke Michael19Northcliff High School139.1
5Jeandre Viljoen19Parys High School130.9
6Liam Moodley19Northcliff High School113.9
7Thammy Ndlovu19Northcliff High School109.6
8Terrance Broomberg19Curro Aurora102.4
9Wickus Lubbe19Parys High School120
10Micheal Naidoo19Northcliff High School76

Rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:
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