Friday 9 August 2019

Time to have your say.

MSSA was founded in 1985 and continues to promotes board gaming, card gaming, esports and wargames as accredited sports.
Every year during the month of August, Mind Sports South Africa  (MSSA) prepares a draft of its Calendar of Events for the next year.

The draft calendar of events, at first, only takes into account provincial and national events due to such events having precedence over all other events.

Member clubs are also able to 'book' the hosting of Regional Championships. Regional championships are designed to hel-p clubs gain extra exposure, earn income, and promote the games that they encourage within their clubs. Games can only be played at National and Provincial Championships if such are either played at World championship level, or if having first been tested at Regional Championships. The rules apropo hosting of a Regional Championship may be found here.

Thus if no changes are requested by member clubs, and approved by the general meeting of member clubs, it is likely that the Calendar of events for 2020 will not change from that of 2019, and will look something like the following:

Date Event
JANUARY Umpires’ Course - Gauteng
FEBRUARY 28th Old Edwardian Summer Championships
FEBRUARY On-line Inter-school Provincial Championships
FEBRUARY 38th GAUTENG Provincial Championships
MARCH Umpire’s Course – Western Cape
MARCH 24th WESTERN CAPE Championships
APRIL Provincial Online Student Championships
APRIL 11th Provincial Online Championships
APRIL Provincial School Championships for all provinces
MAY Umpire’s Course – Mpumulanga
MAY 19th MPUMALANGA Championships
MAY Selection Committee convenes to select teams.
JUNE SA School Championships
JULY 1st round of School League
JULY Capricorn Regional Championships
JULY 26th KWAZULU NATAL Championships
AUGUST 17th FREE STATE Championships
AUGUST 25th WESTERN CAPE Championships
SEPTEMBER 8th LIMPOPO Championships
NOVEMBER Submit nominations of office-bearers
DECEMBER 34th S A NATIONAL Championships

It is therefore vital that all Registered Players consider the draft calendar as proposed above and make their suggestions.

Suggestions may be made through the member club's officials to MSSA via e-mail.

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