Monday 19 August 2019

Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019

President Yuri Goldshtein tel: 972-54-5703339 e-mail: 
Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019 

The tournament will be held on November 20-27, 2019 in the hotel Residence in Netanya.

The tournament will be held according to the Swiss system 1 or 2 rounds per day (in total of 9 rounds).

Time control: 1 hour 20 minutes per game, addition 1 minute per each made move for participant. (Fischer’s clock). 

Three first places will be awarded with cups and medals of Israel Draughts Federation (IDF). 

The total prize fund is 2 000 EUR.

IDF offering accommodation in the hotel in the city — Netanya. This is the most convenient option, because the tournament will be held at the same hotel. 

Accommodation cost per night: 

Single room bed & breakfast — $ 98 per person per night 
Double room bed & breakfast — $ 108 ($ 54 per person per night) 
Triple room bed & breakfast — $ 148 ($ 49.3 per person per night)
The Competition fee For those who will stay in the official organizer’s hotel the tournament fee is 50 EUR. 
To other participants the tournament fee is 100 EUR. Participants over 70 years old will pay a competition fee of 20 EUR. Participation is free of charge for the players under 18 years old. 
Details Information about the tournament in the IDF website — 
Questions about the tournament contact: tel. +972547454307 

Ha-Ugav 1, Karney Shomron, Israel ,tel. 972-54-5840471, e-mail:

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