Friday 7 October 2022

When esports athetes retire - what happens?

As esports grows, do so the employment opportunities.

Many Esports players retire early in their lives, usually in their late thirties to their early forties. 
This is due to Esports professionals' requiring rapid reactions and quick thinking.which, when athletes reach their thirties, most athletes experience their reflexes and mental clarity deteriorate.

Many athletes choose live streaming, Esports game commentary, or esports administration as worthwhile careers once their competition days are over. Many of these streamers succeed in becoming very wealthy by sharing their personalities and playing video games online. Streamers are people who want to become famous for their personalities and gaming ability. They come from a variety of backgrounds. 

However, the awards, such as Provincial and Protea Colours, which athletes can earn through Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) equip athletes with the necessary opportunity to acquire bursaries to study further at a tertiary educational level.

Such opportunity allows athletes to become experts in their field and earn far better incomes than what a retired athlete would earn on playing experience alone. 

By studying further, esports athletes are then able to enter many more fields wh
ich will aid and assist esports to a far greater degree.

MSSA thus assists BRUSA Sports - a global scholarship agency, assisting students of all sporting, gaming, academic and cultural strengths in attaining scholarships to their dream universities in the USA or Canada.

There is a great deal of competition amongst colleges in the USA for students. Colleges have long used scholarships to persuade top athletes to study at their school, thereby improving their performance in competitions and appealing to a larger number of potential students. With the explosion of Esports, colleges are now offering scholarships to Esports athletes. These scholarships can vary between partial tuition through to a full ride where everything is covered. 
BRUSA Sports helps families from start to finish, through all the intricate steps that are required in the total admissions process to reaching a globally recognised university in the USA or Canada.

    All in all, finding the most affordable route to gaining an education and playing your Esports at some of the highest levels in the world. 

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