Saturday 25 April 2020

BRUSA Sports UK – who we are

BRUSA Sports is a global scholarship agency, assisting students of all sporting, gaming, academic and cultural strengths in attaining scholarships to their dream universities in the USA or Canada.
There is a great deal of competition amongst colleges in the USA for students. Colleges have long used scholarships to persuade top athletes to study at their school, thereby improving their performance in competitions and appealing to a larger number of potential students. With the explosion of Esports, colleges are now offering scholarships to Esports athletes. These scholarships can vary between partial tuition through to a full ride where everything is covered. 
At BRUSA Sports we have two key functions: 
  • We help families from start to finish, through all the intricate steps that are required in the total admissions process to reaching a globally recognised university in the USA or Canada. 
  • Although going to a university in the USA or Canada can be one of the greatest adventures and an academic and gaming experience like no other, it can be awfully expensive and that can put a burden on families. We focus on getting students admissions to these universities at costs that fit within their family budget. We do this by:

  • Utilising the skills of gamers at their various games and platforms to gain Esports scholarships
  • Leveraging academic strengths to gain academic scholarships to top up Esports scholarships
  • Assist the family in finding additional external scholarships available to them through all different channels.
All in all, finding the most affordable route to gaining an education and playing your Esports at some of the highest levels in the world. 
A bit about Esports and the scholarships that are offered:
In the United States of America,Varsity Esports began in 2014, at Robert Morris University who offered the first scholarship to their Esports team members for League of Legends. There are now well over 96+ universities that offer scholarships for Esports and this number is growing year by year.
The official organisation in USA which runs the Esports world is NACE (National Association of College Esports), running Esports for colleges and controlling games and official events.
Games that are played at college level include (but are not limited to) Overwatch, Paladins, Rocket League, Smite, Counter Strike, PUBG, Hearthstone, StarCraft II, Madden, Mortal Kombat, Fortnite, League Of Legends, and FIFA.
Colleges and college coaches recruit Esports gamers through various channels that include Twitch, Video on Demand, you may also go through live try-outs for the coaches. Coaches will go through the following questions: Games played, Hours played per week, Gamer tags, Discord Tag, ID and then obviously your roles primary and secondary and your highlight real. 
The beauty of BRUSA Sports is that we look after your admissions process, recruitment and scholarship negotiations and make sure that you have everything that the coaches and universities will need to make the admissions process easy and enjoyable. We help you through all the stages for you to gain the best possible scholarship that you deserve. We also help you with the SAT tests, VISA process, and assist you with the travel plans and itinerary when leaving for the USA.
We want to make the experience a simple and easy process to get you playing your games and studying as soon as possible. Getting in touch with us is quick and we are always happy to chat to any players and give a free consultation.

Please get in touch through our website, email, social channels, or Phone. 
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