Tuesday 7 April 2020

Revised Clash Royale rankings.

Dale Spolander (Northcliff High School) remains the top ranked player in the country for the Clash Royale esports title.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the oldest national federation for esports in the world. Having been founded in 1985, MSSA ran its first esports provincial championships at Old Edwardian Society in 1998.

It was, however, not until 2005 that MSSA was able to award Protea Colours to an esports team.

The titles thus played at Provincial and National  Championships change from time-to-time in order to take into account the demands of Registered Players as expressed by member clubs.

Dale Spolander (Northcliff High School) has dominated the rankings since MSSA's 2019 SA School Championships. Dale has established himself as the nation's top ranked player.

Mobile eports is growing in popularity and it is estimated that there are already over 2.4 billion people who play mobile games on a  recreational level with 50% of the gamers being female.

Thus it is expected that those interested in the competitive aspect of mobile esports will continue to grow.

The current rankings for the Clash Royale esports title are as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Dale Spolander20Northcliff High School222.6
2Suene du Toit20Northcliff High School165
3Alexander Venter20HS Randburg154.5
4Charl Potgieter20HS Randburg146.7
5Karl Wassermann20HS Randburg137.5
6Jordan Nel20Hoërskool Klerksdorp128.3
7Liam Moodley20Northcliff High School121.5
8Joshua Evans20Northcliff High School119.4
9Sebastian Cook20Oakhill School111.5
10Matthew Petersen20Oakhill School110.9
11Aidan Vorster19Curro Aurora109.6
12Wickus Lubbe19Parys High School109.6
13Thammy Ndlovu19Northcliff High School109.6
14Willem Broodryk19Parys High School109.6
15Carlos Kori19Northcliff High School109.6
16Terrance Broomberg19Curro Aurora109.6
17Tyreke Michael19Northcliff High School109.6
18Jeandre Viljoen19Parys High School109.6
19Michael Naidoo19Northcliff High School107
20Herschelle Ncube19Hyde Park High106.7
21Wesley Pachai19Curro Klerksdorp106.4
22Daniel Lombard19Monument Park High School103.9
23Josh Naidoo19Northcliff High School101.8
24Vicky van der Merwe19ZAG Academy100
25Rivaan Ramdass19Hyde Park High99.9
26Michael Pienaar19Northcliff High School95.1
27Kyle Vorster19Curro Aurora95
28Thammy Ndlovu19Northcliff High School92.8
29Ehandre Ellis20Hoërskool Klerksdorp92.8
30Khumo Mononyane19Hyde Park High90.5
31Rohil Shivaay Poorun19Northcliff High School90.4
32Mack, Shane20Oakhill School90.3
33Daywenn Redlinghys20Hoërskool Klerksdorp75

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