Wednesday 11 March 2020

Street Fighter V rankings

Theunis van der Merwe (Hoërskool Klerksdorp) being interviewed by the media on receiving the R30,000.00 bursary from North West University (NWU) in 2019.
The rush is on to see just who will qualify for Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA's) 2020 National Team Trials.

As South Africa's oldest and largest membership based organization for esports, MSSA has been consistently delivering championships for the various esports titles.

As a result, many esports athletes have earned Regional, Provincial, National, and Protea Colours for many esports titles  especially for the Street Fighter V esports title.

Thus, even though the Street Fighter V esports title is not played at IESF's World Championships, MSSA shall still selects Protea Teams for the title, which, at worst, play in online test matches.

The competition during 2019 proved to be fiercely contested, and with the 2020 season already underway,  in the form of the Online School Championships, 
Theunis van der Merwe (Hoërskool Klerksdorp) made his mark by winning the championship. Already having won MSSA's 2019 Online Schools' League and a R30,000.00 bursary, provided by North West University (NWU), it seems as though Theunis is on track to again take the laurels in 2020.

The current South African rankings for the League of Legends esports title is as follows:

PosName of PlayerClubPoints
1Theunis van der Merwe20Hoërskool Klerksdorp125.4
2Leonard Loftus19Masters of Mind Sports119.9
3Mxolisi Lukhele19Amplified Rebellion109
4Leone Loftus19Fakkel School of Skills109
5Benniel Botha18Fakkel School of Skills109
6Cindy-Lee Strydom18Fakkel School of Skills109
7Ester Kanerhe18Northcliff High School109
8Irfaan Sabet18Empangeni High109
9Jayden Gotalkista18Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog109
10Kyle Graham18Fakkel School of Skills109
11Lebogang Phoshoko18Cape Town Mind Sports109
12Ru-Landi Killian18Affies109
13Sean Skolkali18Northcliff High School109
14Unathi Nzimandi18Empangeni High109
15Angelo Ritumalta19NHHS109
16Nolo Mokhathi19NHHS109
17Anele Motaung18Fakkel School of Skills109
18Lee-Ann van der Merwe18JCS Academy109
19Rina Rene du Toit19Northcliff High School109
20Pieter van der Merwe18Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog109
21Tshedza Mashelea19Masters of Mind Sports109
22Charlize Seremak19HTS Sasolburg109
23Francois Botha19AHS Sasolburg109
24Khotso Mokoena19AHS Sasolburg109
25Dylan Naidoo20Northcliff High School109
26Natalie Swanepoel18Fakkel School of Skills108.5
27Dwayne van Niekerk18Fakkel School of Skills105
28Kyle Rad19Parys High School104.5
29Jeremy Seremak19HTS Sasolburg104.5
30Bokomoso Smith19AHS Sasolburg104.5
31Joost Loftus19Masters of Mind Sports103.6
32Jodie Motala18Empangeni High102.4
33Alexander Nel19NHHS100.6
34Daniel Lewis19NHHS99.9
35Matthew Van Schoor19NHHS99,5
36ian Hallgreen18Empangeni High99.3
37Zaharaa Hassan19NHHS98.2
38Ahmad Omer19NHHS96.6
39Thabiso Ranape19NHHS96.6
40Connor Baron19Parys High School95
41Kristen Cockeron18Fakkel School of Skills95
42Luhan Stotlz18Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog95
43Micaela Hodgkinson18JCS Academy95
44Okkert Ras19Parys High School95
45Pieter Lourens18BNKR95
46Koos Frederick19HTS Sasolburg95
47Michael Janse van Rensburg19HTS Sasolburg95
48Chiney Wallace19HTS Sasolburg95
49Johandri van der Merwe19AHS Sasolburg90.3
50Mia-Alyssa Abrahams19NHHS86
51Ameer Begg19NHHS86
52Mikaail Damon19NHHS86

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