Saturday 18 April 2020

Covid-19 sleep and recovery routine.

Mind Sports South Africa's wellness coach for the Protea Team, Barry Bridges, has good advice for esports athletes.
During this time of uncertainty we need to make sure we keep focus on our health and wellness. 
If you are a gamer it is important to maintain a level of healthy habits and make sure you keep to a proper schedule including all your day-to-day activities. This pandemic has caused a lot of panic and stress which has taken a toll on our health. This being said we need to look at the aspects of our lives that we can control and build up a strong base against the invisible enemy “Covid-19 “. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the ways we can stay healthy and maintain a good wellness state during Covid-19. As a gamer make sure to monitor your sleep, nutrition and caffeine intake. Consistency is king when it comes to sleep, the better you stick to a consistent sleep pattern the better your brain and body will function. Nutrition should be carefully monitored by quality foods consumed throughout the day until early evening. All caffeine stimulants need to be  consumed early in the day, any caffeine closer to bedtime will effect your quality of deep sleep. I have created a poster below that gives you some basic tips to follow during Covid-19 please view it and try to follow it as best as you can.

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