Thursday 30 April 2020


Colin Webster speaking in Spain in October 2019.
The Federação Portuguesa de Desportos Eletronicos (FPDE) [Translated: The Portuguese Esports Federation] is organizing the 1st International Esports Conference, in partnership with Cisco and the European University, which will take place online on April 30th 2020 between 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm GMT (3:30 to 7:30pm CET).
The Agenda will include relevant topics to the national and international Esports industry, namely:
• Electronic Sports as a Sport and relationship / convergence with Traditional Sport;
• Economic opportunities for the agents involved (Clubs, Athletes, Brands);
• Role of National and International Federations, as well as National Governments, in the Industry.
Among the guest speakers, we highlight several individuals of national and international relevance such as Prof. Diana Santos (Assistant Secretary of State for Youth and Sports), João Paulo Almeida (Executive Director of the Portuguese Olympic Committee), Colin Webster (President of the International Esports Federation), Hans Jagnow (President of the European Esports Federation), David Smith (Founder & COO of Women in Games), Gerald Heng (Chief Partnerships Officer at Paris Saint-Germain Esports) and Gordon Kaye (Head of Business Development at Celtic FC).
“This Congress is yet another initiative that fits into one of the main goals of our mission: educating the general population about what is Esports and promoting its practice in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way, as well as promoting cultural integration and social interaction”, says Tiago Fernandes, President of FPDE. “Having such distinguished guests, both national and international, is further evidence that we are on the right path to ensure the development of the Esports ecosystem in Portugal, fulfilling another of our mission goals, which involves promoting joint initiatives with Federations and Associations around the world, and placing Portugal more and more on the Esports world landscape", he concludes.
The full list of speakers as well as the agenda in detail can be found on our website here. For more information about the International Esports Conference or the Portuguese Electronic Sports Federation, please contact FPDE by email to

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