Saturday 8 November 2014

IeSF 2014 World Championships - Baku: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 athletes (female division)

The female division of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 seems as though it will be a real hum-dinger!

Not only are numbers up in this division, but it seems as though so is the standard of play.

Even though the 2013 World Champion, Yi Sub Yang, from south Korea, is not present, all the other 'big names' are.

The battle for for first prize is thus going to be hotly contested, and no quarter shall be given.

The MSSA's MWEB Protea Team consists of Morizane Boyes (nee van Niekerk) who will be defending South Africa's honour against all odds!

It's going to be great!
AustraliaPhrances, CarandangTeam AustraliaZephyr1989
AzerbaijanFidan, SultanovaTeam AzerbaijanMiss Auditore2014
FinlandTuula, RantalaTeam Finlandedgemis1990
MongoliaTuvshinbileg, ChingesAnti-NAnti-N1995
RomaniaElena, SurduTeamROEllie1988
RussiaSofia, DegayTeam RussiaGreenLeo1991
SerbiaMilica, TešovićTeam SerbiaGea1991
South AfricaMorizane, van NiekerkMSSAMozi1987
SwitzerlandSabrina, AllemannTekken FieberKoizumi Ayumu1991

All information provided by the IeSF.

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