Thursday 6 November 2014

Team eSports South Africa is announced for the 2014 IeSF World Championships - Baku

South Africa will be attending the 6th Annual IeSF World Championships in 2014.

Only those who have already managed to send a teams overseas will know the work and financial cost that is involved in such an undertaking. The MSSA has sent eSports teams overseas since 2005. As it is, all involved in the 6th 2014 IeSF World Championships - Baku have gone all out to make this world championship an event to remember. The World Championships will thus be played in the recently completed Crystal Hall, while the team village is the ever so swanky Fairmont Hotel.

Thus the MSSA is deeply indebted to MWEB for its continued and committed support which has ensured South African participation at the IeSF World Championships since 2012.

Every year since 2009 the South African commitment to World Championship competition has been growing. 2014 is no different, and the team that will be representing South Africa at the 2014 IeSF World Championship - Baku will be the largest eSports team that has ever departed from South Africa to play at a IeSF event.

The MSSA and MWEB are in concord about the outcomes for the team. Although this is the first foray ever for an official South African Protea Team for the titles of "Dota 2", and "HearthStone"  to foreign shores, everybody expects the team to handle themselves well and to be a credit to South Africa. The lessons that the gamers who play "Dota 2", and "HearthStone" will learn in the Championships will prove to be invaluable, not only to themselves, but to all the gamers in South Africa as well as to future South African teams.

However, it is in the women that will be going overseas to play "StarCraft II" and "Tekken Tag Tournament II" that the administrators put their greatest faith. In 2012, Gabriela Issacs finished in second place in StarCraft II and since then, the female members of the South African team have always proved a force to be reckoned.

In fact this is the most 'capped' team that South Africa will have ever sent overseas. The Dota 2 team has earned no less than six 'caps' each, Nathan Anderson has earned no less than 6 caps as well, while Yolandi Williams is on 5 'caps'. Only Barry West and Morizane Boyes have yet to earn their 'spurs' in international competition.

The team will be issued with its new kit showing the sponsorship of MWEB at the award ceremony on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 immediately before embarking on their wonderful adventure.

The full team is:

Dota 2

Name of Player Club Residence
Ion Todd (captain)
Knights Mind Sports Club
Cape Town
Jason Bredberg
Knights Mind Sports Club Cape Town
Dylan Henderson
Knights Mind Sports Club Cape Town
Saleem Manjoo
Knights Mind Sports Club Cape Town
Timothy van Reenen Mostert
Knights Mind Sports Club Cape Town


Name of Player Club Residence
Barry West
TMSC Howick

StarCraft II

Name of Player Club Residence
Yolandi Williams
Snaz Gaming
Nathan Anderson
Veneration Cape Town

Tekken Tag Tournament II

Name of Player Club Residence
Morizane Boyes
All Stars

Manager: Ryan Boyes

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