Wednesday 29 October 2014

Now this is truly exciting!

While scrolling down Mind Sports South Africa's facebook page, I came across this interesting little post that has really not attracted as much attention as it should have!

The post is:

Hot news:

Austria has begun discussions with the MSSA to set up an official IeSF on-line test match against a SA Schools team in Dota2 and in StarCraft II.

Exciting stuff!
"Oh no", I hear people exclaim, "Not another test match!".

But this is different, this is between the Nation School's Teams.

We are all aware that our South African gamers, especially those that brag about being professionals, fall woefully behind those of European countries.

But is that true for our gamers who are still at school?

In other words, this testy match could be used as a litmus test to see where the rot starts.

Does it start at school level, or does it creep in later on when so many of our gamers leave school and think that they are better than what they are.

I can't wait for this test match....

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