Tuesday, 28 October 2014

South Africa beats Namibia in Dota 2

Ion Todd could not ask for a better 21st birthday present!

Ion Todd (from Cape Town) is the captain of South Africa's MWEB Dota 2 Protea Team which played against Namibia in an IeSF Test Match on Saturday, 25 October 2014 in a bid to ready itself for the IeSF's 2014 World Championships to be held in Baku from 12 to 17 November 2014.

The MWEB Dota 2 Protea Team is now beginning to look almost like a veteran team of cyber-athletes. After having previously pitted their strength against Egypt and Finland in two  IeSF Test Matches, the team has learnt many valuable lessons and has been able to sort out many of the weaknesses that they may have had.

It  was clear right from the onset that the South African team had the upper hand, although the Namibian team captain, Johan Otto, proved to be no slouch and lead one defiant attack after another.

However, the South African team  brushed off the attacks and slowly and deliberately built up their attack. By the time that South Africa was ready, Timothy van Reenen Mostert was almost unassailable on the field of play. With Timothy working in close co-operation with Dylan Henderson, there was little that the hapless Namibians could do to stop the rampant South African team. As a result, South Africa won both games to take a 2 - 0 victory. South Africa won the first game 37 -14 and won the second game 48 - 30.

Not only that, but the game held at MWEB's MCave saw each of the five South African player's earn their sixth cap.

The awarding of the sixth cap means that this team is without doubt the most internationally tested Dota 2 team that will depart South Africa for the IeSF's 6th eSport World Championships in Baku.

The MWEB Dota 2 Protea Team that beat Namibia consisted of:

Dota 2
Ion Todd (Team Captain)
Jason Bredberg
Dylan Henderson
Saleem Manjoo
Timothy van Reenan Mostert
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town

Thanks to the governing Sports Body, Minds Sports South Africa (MSSA) and the support given by MWEB Gaming , the South African participation in such test matches is becoming a regular occurrence.

With eSports now recognised as a fully recognised sport by both SASCOC and the government, gaming is now taken more seriously than ever before. Already gaming has been included into the Asian Games by the Asian Olympic Committee.

Test matches between South Africa and Namibia are al;ways entertaining with a great deal of honour on the line.

For more information on MWEB Gaming check out the new addition to MWEB GameZone site or join the community on @MWEBGMZ or https://www.facebook.com/MWEBGameZone.

For more information on the MSSA review out the site on http://mindsportsa.co.za/

About MWEB
Since 1997, MWEB has been championing a free web in South Africa. It has led the industry from the start with the introduction of the Internet to South Africans to the launch of South Africa’s first Uncapped ADSL product. Today, MWEB provides Internet connectivity and solutions for home users, business owners and large corporates.

Dedicated to constantly driving change in the industry and deploying world class research and development teams, MWEB is focused on removing all barriers to Internet connectivity and services to positively impact its customers and broaden the South African Internet landscape.

MWEB is owned by JSE-listed MultiChoice South Africa Holdings Limited, a Naspers Limited subsidiary that has more than 30% Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment shareholders.

About Mind Sports South Africa
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee.

The MSSA is responsible for the good governance and promotion of Board games (such as Backgammon, Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba, etc.), Card games, eSports (whether they are played on ‘cell phones, Sony® PSP’s, personal computers or similar), and Historical figure games (also known as wargames)

For more information:
Colin Webster
General Secretary
Mind Sports South Africa
P O Box 19275
Tel: 011 828 4994
Cell: 073 593 9451
Fax: 086 672 1911
e-mail: mindsportssa@iafrica.com
URL: http://www.facebook.com/mindsportssa

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