Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The MSSA's committee in 2015 - who will be on it?

While talking to current MSSA committee members, one comes across a number of differing views about the number of committee positions available in 2015.

And why?

Because the system is totally democratic.

It is nothing else other than true democracy in action

Any member club can propose any Registered Player to stand for a position. In other words, the MSSA, as sponsored by MWEB, allows absolute control by its own membership.

The MSSA is therefore a sports body that fully subscribes to the notion of self-governance of the federation by the member clubs.

And this is something that SASCOC is trying to reign in. SASCOC wants succession plans which would stop committees from truly reflecting the face of the membership that they represent.

However, the MSSA remains true to its democratic principles and fights hard to ensure that the democratic principles are retained at all levels within the organization.

Thus, it is impossible to even predict who will be on the Management Board until all the nominations are in.

Then of course, the horse-trading begins as clubs start negotiating with other clubs to get support for their candidates.

However, the most interesting position available is the one for which clubs do not vote. Instead every Registered Player votes for the candidate.

The position is none other than that of the Player's Representative.

To be nominated as the Player's Representative, the nominee must have at least National or Protea Colours, have represented South Africa in international competition,  and be below the age of 30 at the time of election.

This committee member is to represent the views of the gamers!

With the increase of MSSA players participating in international events, it will indeed be interesting to see who stands.

Exciting times!

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