Saturday 8 November 2014

IeSF 2014 World Championships - Baku: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 athletes (open section)

In 2011 the MSSA sent an athlete to the IeSF's World Championships.

Such player was Vittorio Puissa. Vittorio got through the group stages, but was unfortunately knocked out in the top eight.

It was a pity that South Africa could not enter anyone in the open section, but the female division was hotly contested in South Africa.

Nevertheless, the stature of the athletes who are already entered is god-like, and the championship will exhibit a standard of play that will be much envied.

AustraliaCheyne, HartmanTeam AustraliaLuper1986
AzerbaijanAzer, AliyevTeam AzerbaijanConan1991
DenmarkMark, AnderseneSport DanmarkKneeninho1986
FinlandTatu, SaarinenTeam FinlandTouch1990
Iransiavash, rezaianTeam IranSia1988
Korea (South)HYUNJIN, KIMTeam KoreaJDCR1989
MongoliaEnguun, EnkhbayarFesFes1992
RomaniaAlexandre, ProdanTeamROPredator1994
RussiaVitaliy, TokarevTeam RussiaReal1987
SerbiaVlada, StankovićTeam SerbiaCOLDHART1985
SwitzerlandMichael, PopaTekken FieberAracos1986

All information provided by the IeSF.

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