Wednesday 21 September 2016

The Origin of the clan 'VexxedPhoenix'

VexxedPhoenix; the Clan of Believers.

Dreams were created amongst the sight of the best, all taking place in the life of a gamer. 

During a casual game of League of Legends, the two Owners; Ian Bezuidenhout and Nastasja Bezuidenhout were fooling around, discussing the possibilities of professional clans and how it could be so amazing if they were part of one.

Combining their ambitious and committed traits, an idea sprung between them thus the start of the clan VexxedPhoenix.

Discussions took place, regarding the implications that this might have on one’s life, yet nothing could stop them, so the dream began its journey. Calling on the friends, suggesting the plan of becoming the best, nothing but joy sprung to the members eyes, and so the teams were formed; with the collection of League of Legends, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, HearthStone, Overwatch and DotA 2 teams, there lay the youth of a Clan; VexxedPhoenix. 

Ideas began shooting from team to team, all relating to the final dream of an individual gamer; to become the best, just with the unique strategy of VexxedPhoenix striving for this dream, as a whole. 

Taking on every task and opportunity on the pathway to the top, only for the clans benefit, never loss. 

Now lay a single group of friends, trying their utter best to reach the top, enduring in the exciting, joyful and ambitious moments; letting these moments circumvent the struggles, and disabilities along the way. Nothing can bring this team down. Once one attempts to bring them down, the team will only shoot right up again. 

The clan also decided to partake in the the mindsport events, Adele Janse van Rensburg will be managing all the necessary tasks for the clan.

by VexxedPhoenix

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