Monday 26 September 2016

Ambush marketing: When non accredited bodies claim to be running eSports events as a sport!

Gamers in action at an official schools event

Every now and then a new maverick organisation pops up and claims to be running an esports event.

Such bodies too waste no time in pointing out that esports is now an accredited sport.

But is it?

If the event is run by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) it is.

If it is not accredited by MSSA, then it is just a recreational event.

If it is not accredited by MSSA then it is, in my opinion, ambush marketing.

MSSA is the National Federation in terms of the National Sports and Recreation Act of 1998 (as amended) and is thus the sole authority for esports in South Africa.

Thus unless the event is an accredited MSSA event, the event is probably for someone else's pocket, or just a marketing opportunity, no matter how tempting the prizes.

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