Tuesday, 27 September 2016

There is a general consensus...

Garth Schoeman
After canvassing the wargames players extensively, MSSA has found that the majority of registered wargamers desperately want the 'SUPER LEAGUE' to return to its original form, being the 'INDIVIDUAL BATTLE HONOURS' which changed to the 'SUPER LEAGUE' in 2006.

The original system allows for an exciting system of challenges to occur throughout the year.

The competition was truly electric and the challenges created a great deal of interest in the game.

Past winners are:

1989 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
1990 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
1991 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
1992 Dr. Evgenii Rabiner OE
Colin Webster (March – Dec) OE
1993 Colin Webster (Jan – May) OE
Grant Casey OE
1994 Ben Fouche PWC
1995 Colin Webster (March 95 - Aug 95) OE
Dorian Botsis (Aug 95 - Aug 95) OE
Christo Steenkamp (Aug – Dec) PWC
1996 Christo Steenkamp (Jan – May) PWC
Pavel Rabiner OE
1997 Pavel Rabiner OE
Pavel Rabiner (May '97 - Aug '97)  OE
Christo Steenkamp (Aug-Dec) PWC
1998 Christo Steenkamp (Jan-May) PWC
Richard Gordon WHAM
1999 David Webster OE
2000 David Webster OE
2001 Kevin Hoyle OE
2002 Prof. David Davidson PEN
2003 Prof. David Davidson (Jan – April) PEN
Richard Ligault (May – Dec) OE
Angelo Stathoussis (Dec) PEN
Eugene Burger (Dec) MG
2004 Eugene Burger MG
Matthew Strachan (Jul) OE
2005 Ingo Haferung OE
2006 Ingo Haferung OE
2007 Edward van Trotsenburg BWC
2008 Colin Webster OE
2009 Colin Webster OE
2010 Colin Webster OE
2011 Dr David Vannucci WITS
2012 Colin Webster OE
2013 Colin Webster OE
2014 Colin Webster OE
2015Garth Schoeman KMSC

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