Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A hotel that offers gaming....

Gamers in action

I have just noticed that in Italy, the clan 'Level Up' has its gaming room in a hotel.

It is claimed by many that the LAN ROOM, is the best Italian Lan Room for quality, space, and line connection.

The room can accommodate events and bootcamps for any/all e-sports team in the world to play in Italy.
The LAN room is situated in the beautiful Hotel Laurence, and can offer all hospitality and food for the team during the stay, in the same location. The hotel also offers Tour Operator Packages and claim to offer full service in Italy with transfers, reservation rooms, and excursions.
To see more you can visit the following websites:

For more information, please contact:
Elisabetta Damiani
Level Up
Tel. 06 20427871  

Who knows, perhaps hotels in South Africa will follow suite.

I'd like to see one at 'Spier'. Imagine the wine, the Cheetahs, and the food - aaah!

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