Thursday, 15 September 2016

MSSA elections: For how many positions may a Registered Player stand?

Board meeting in action
Democracy is a funny thing, you need to have the support of people to vote you in. Unlike people who claim to represent the community, MSSA demands that people  need to be elected.

Even though you may be the most qualified, the most honest, and dedicated, people may choose people who are less qualified, but more popular.

The trick is therefore to stand for a number of positions. By doing so the chances of being elected are increased.

However, does MSSA's Constitution allow such?

Indeed it does.

Thus a Registered Player may stand for the position of President, every position for Vice-President, General Secretary, and any other position for which the Registered Player qualifies.

However, as soon as the Registered Player is elected into a position, then all other nominations are vitiated as a Registered Player may only hold one position within MSSA.

Thus, should a member (for want of a better name) Jonathan Berg, stand for all the positions, as soon as he is elected  into the position of President, all other nominations are discharged and the General Meeting is unable to vote for such.

Of course, then all  the newly elected Registered Player has to do is the work associated with the office.

All MSSA Management Board positions are voluntary and for a three-year period.

Good luck for the upcoming elections - the future is in your hands!

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